being MVP: Philips Avent Penguin Sippy Cup | Available for a Limited time at Walmart

Philips Avent Penguin Sippy Cup | Available for a Limited time at Walmart

Disclosure: I received a penguin sippy cup for review from Philips Avent. All opinions are my own.

I was part of a panel to review and comment upon the design of a sippy cup from Philips Avent. Guess what? The product is now available for purchase and Mason received one to try out. How awesome is it that the prototype cup he tried to drink out of when I took it out of the box last year is now fully functional and drink worthy?

Mason took to the My Penguin Sippy Cup like a champ. The anti-slip, soft touch grip handles make it easy for him to drink and carry around even at 2 years old. I can easily clean it because of the wide opening and there is only one-piece valve which is fantastic! Mason transports his cups between grandma's house and ours so having minimal parts is easier for grandma to put back together after washing. 

I absolutely recommend the hard spout as your tot grows because they tend to bite down to tickle their gums with sprouting teeth. Yes this cup is BPA free so you can be assured your child is drinking out of a safe cup. A cap is included so you can toss this into your diaper bag / stroller without fear that random particles will enter through the top opening. Who else is neurotic like me? Haha. 

The 9 oz. size is idea for Mason because he will drink milk like a champ with this cup. I sometimes even have to fill it a second time. That has never happened before with milk. I guess he really likes the flow - just perfect. 

Philips AVENT My Penguin 9 oz Seasonal Winter Sippy Cup, BPA-Free:
  • Ideal drinking solution for the growing toddler
  • Hard, bite-resistant spout is angled
  • Designed to help toddlers take their first sips easily without tilting their head back too much
  • Trainer handles are seamlessly integrated into the cup's unique penguin shape
  • Designed for anti-slip with soft touch grips
  • BPA-free

I think Mason wants some more in his stocking this year! Who can resist a cute penguin? Make sure to head to Walmart to pick up a few before they are all gone. 


  1. That's a super cute cup! I need to go to Walmart tomorrow so I need to add this to my list! Thanks!

  2. Oh my word, that is so stinkin cute! I have to see if I can find it for my little one.

  3. Is that the cutest cup ever?! I need to get some for my girls!

  4. Super cute, and better yet it looks easy to clean! I need two because I know both kids would love it.

  5. I absolutely love this design. Like totally IN LOVE with it. I haven't seen anything like it on the market!

  6. Very cute design on this cup! I love the handles making it very easy to hold!

  7. Ahh I love the penguin design I know what new cup I am getting for Viv!

  8. I have to agree with the others - this is such a CUTE cup!! I have a slight obsession with sippy cups so I will be getting one of these for my little boy! :)

  9. That is so cute, love the penguin! I will have to look for this for my little one.

  10. I love avent cups! I love the cute little penguin design on this one too!

  11. Super cute!!! I actually got to be one of the testers for this cup when they were designing it and I got to give some input.... and it didn't look like a penguin then so I hadn't seen it yet! Adorable. Love AVENT!

  12. This is such a cute cup. we still use a sippy ill have to look out for this one.


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