being MVP: DIY Candy Machine #FunCraftsWithMom

DIY Candy Machine #FunCraftsWithMom

We have a ton of Halloween candy in the house so I thought it would be fun for Kenzie to make a faux candy machine. When she was around 2-3 years old, she would be enamored by the large gumball machines at the mall. Since the kids didn't get gumballs in their baskets but rather mini bags of m&ms and skittles, a candy machine was ideal.

  • Large Clear Christmas Ornaments
  • Red Plastic Cups
  • Black Sharpie Paint Pent
  • Xacto Knife/Scissors
  • Leftover Halloween Candy


1.  Fill ornaments with candy.
2.  Use Sharpie and color in a candy dispenser near the lip of the cup. Kenzie sure loves her opening to be large!

3.  Parents can cut open the base of the cup using the Xacto knife and/or scissors. 
4.  Flip cup upside down and carefully place the candy filled ornament on top of the base.
5.  Enjoy your candy machine!

Check out the fun craft from MomSpotted this week. I hope you enjoy and link up if you have a fabulous craft you want to share!

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