being MVP: 2014 Holiday Gift Guide | Lalaloopsy #HGG

2014 Holiday Gift Guide | Lalaloopsy #HGG

Disclosure: I received a doll and oven for feature from Lalaloopsy. All opinions are my own.

Kenzie has just discovered Lalaloopsy from her friends at preschool and has wanted one ever since. She even managed to circle the entire Lalaloopsy page in the toy book for Santa to see. Yes, I told her I would send Santa the book with her wishlist. So imagine her surprise when she saw the Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise Peanut Big Top Doll after school.

Lalaloopsy Peanut is a hard bodied plastic baby doll who comes with 3 special diapers, 1 hat, 1 bib, 1 bottle, 1 bowl, 1 spoon and 1 charm bracelet. You can feed your doll and give her a bottle of water. Then the fun part is pressing her belly button so that she "poops" out a charm when her diaper is soiled. Guess who got giggly over this?

Baby Peanut has accompanied Kenzie to school, church, restaurants and more. Kenzie even found a dress off another doll because Peanut was cold. She has also grabbed the toy book and wrote "more diapers please" on the Lalaloopsy page as well as requested additional outfits for her new baby. Hilarious girl my Kenzie.

Check out the magical poop action in the video!

Since my mini me likes to help me in the kitchen whenever I am baking up some goodies, I think she will really enjoy finding the Lalaloopsy Baking Oven under the tree this year. Look out for a video once she decides what to cook up! 

Come bake up "sew" much fun with the real working Lalaloopsy Baking Oven. Bake sew many sweets in minutes; including cookie, mini-cakes and more! The Lalaloopsy Baking Oven Includes Lalaloopsy-themed baking pans, baking mixes, sprinkles, pan pusher, and recipe booklet. It also comes with 1 cake and 1 cookie mix! Look for refill packs too!

Do your kids have Lalaloopsy on their wishlist this year? What are some of the products that made the list?


  1. My daughter is starting to love dolls and she would love to change her baby while mama is changing her baby sister! It's the perfect Christmas gift for a toddler! :)

  2. Awe so cute! I bet my 5 year old daughter would love this doll, she loves Lalaloopsy!

  3. Diaper Surprise! I am cracking up. That is so cute.

  4. My boys don't but I always buy Lalaloopsy for the girls on my list! She's been around for years but she's always a huge hit when the paper is ripped off so I'm sticking to it!

  5. A baby one! I think these are so cute, my twins will love these!

  6. I didn't realize they had baby dolls. Kyla would love this, she's way into dolls! It's so cute!

  7. Ok I can not get over the "poop out a charm".... that is cracking me up. I might have to get my girls this just so I can check this out. Haha!

  8. My boys aren't in to these but these look like such a fun gift for a little girl!

  9. I have grandsons so I'm not too familiar with this line of toy, but this baby doll is adorable!


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