being MVP: Monday Madness: Womens Perfume & Other Deals at Beauty Encounter

Monday Madness: Womens Perfume & Other Deals at Beauty Encounter

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Every Monday of October, Beauty Encounter surprises everyone with Pinkspirational offers you can't resist! Life is full of surprises and we don't know what Monday brings, but we're sure the day is going to be fantastic. 

Whether it's Monday or Friday, body lotion, lipstick and womens perfume on sale are always up for grabs with unbelievable prices. Still unsure if you'll get a great deal out of your money? Here are 7 products for you. 

1. Yardley of London April Violets Luxury Soap Set. Welcome your guests in your humble yet classy abode by putting these Yardley of London luxury soaps in the bathroom. These soaps are made rich and creamy for that luxurious bathing experience like a true British. April Violets have a powdery scent that's perfect for fall ($15).

2. Beyonce Heat by Coty for Women. An oriental scent that truly brings heat to your senses, Beyonce Heat has the intoxicating scent of Peach, Magnolia, Orchid, Honeysuckle and Musk that will give warmth to your senses. Spray it on your wrist, at the back of your earlobes and a little on your bosom for a lasting fragrance ($49).

3. Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture for Women Deluxe Detangler Daily Detangling Conditioner. Your hair is your crowning glory. And when it's long and thick, chances are you'll find yourself separating strands with your fingers all the time. With Juicy Couture detangling conditioner, you'll find a simpler way to maintain your hair's glory without constant tangles or damages. It smells fruity, too! ($40).

4. L.A. Glow by J. Lo for Women Sensual Body Lotion. Feeling the heat of the spotlight in LA? Embrace the fame and opulent lifestyle by lathering L.A. Glow sensual body lotion on your arms and legs. You're going to smell like a celebrity while your skin absorbs the blend of cocktails, juicy fruits and flowers enveloped by the creamy feeling of amber ($30).

5. True Rose by Woods of Windsor Room Fragrance. Turn an ordinary room into a 5-star hotel suite by spraying True Rose room fragrance. Not only will you eliminate bad odors using this product, but you will also find your room clean and refreshing with just a few spritz. Use it in the entire house and even on pillows ($12). 

6. Model Co Lip Lights Lipstick in Dusk. Looking for a new lipstick shade perfect for fall? Try this Dusk shade from Model Co. Their Lip Lights Lipstick makes it easy for you to apply color on your lips for that pretty pout even when you?re on-the-go. It's packaged with a slim-line mirror so you?ll get perfect application wherever you are, especially during boy hottie emergency situations ($25).

7. Ulysse by Vicky Tiel for Men After Shave Balm. Men will also benefit from Beauty Encounter's never ending sale. Aside from its refreshing scent, Ulysse after shave balm makes sure to moisturize the shaved skin and help heal minor scrapes and burns during the grooming process ($35). Find awesome deals at and remember to visit their website on all Mondays of October for Pinkspirational and Pinktastic deals!

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  1. Love the Breast Cancer Awareness, October is such a great month.


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