being MVP: DIY "Frozen" Elsa Magic Wands | Frozen Birthday Party Favor #FunCraftsWithMom

DIY "Frozen" Elsa Magic Wands | Frozen Birthday Party Favor #FunCraftsWithMom

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Oriental Trading. All opinions are my own.

We are huge Oriental Trading Company fans. They have the most amazing selection of party, craft and educational supplies at fantastic prices. Since Kenzie's birthday party is coming up and she still wants Frozen themed parties, we decided to make a party favor that can be played with everyday. Every Snow Queen needs a magical wand and Oriental Trading had just the materials we needed to make this fun craft.



  1. Unwrap the snowflake Christmas ornament from the tissue paper and cut off the loop. 
  2. Choose a glitter snowflake sticker and peel off the backing. Put a few glue dots on the back and place onto the center of your ornament.
  3. Take a few snowflake jewels and put a glue dot on the back and place onto the ornament. Kenzie would have covered her ornament with jewels had I not gently stopped her. She is definitely my daughter loving all things sparkly!
  4. Place several glue dots onto the top inch of the ribbon wand and stick the ornament in place.
  5. Cut about a foot or so of the personalized ribbon and stick onto one of the ribbons on the wand with glue dots. I just love that you can personalize the ribbon for any event. Ours, of course, said Happy 5th Birthday Mackenzie.
  6. Ready to spread some icy magic! These are also great for any day play. We will have to whip up another batch for her school birthday party since the one Kenzie took to school on toy day was such a hit.

Check out the fun Boo! Halloween Wiggle Eye Picture Frame from MomSpotted. I hope you enjoy and link up if you have a fabulous craft you want to share!

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  1. I love Oriental Trading Company too! These Beautiful blue Elsa Magic Wands are so pretty! I would love to make these with my niece. She would love these!

  2. Cute idea, love your Frozen themed crafts!

  3. What a cute idea! I know lots of girls that would love to have this special frozen wand! So creative!

  4. I love Oriental Trading Company also. This is an adorable idea and such a fun craft for all girls.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  5. What a fun and super cute idea! Perfect for a party.

  6. What a cute craft for girls! It would also go well with a "Frozen" Halloween costume too!

  7. I bought the supplies to make these a few weeks ago but OT is out of the snowflake jewels. Would you know where else I could find them? Her party is in a month and I like to start making them. Thx!

  8. My daughter is a big Frozen fan and she would love this craft.

  9. These are so adorable!! My little niece loves to play dress-up and part of her costumes is a magic wand. We'd have a great time making this.

  10. Me too!! They are always my first stop for party supplies and favors!! I love these wands!! You have some of the cutest party ideas!!

  11. oh my these are just so perfect you know that they would love to make these and also keep and cherish them! A must do!!!!

  12. These are so cute and my niece would really love making them!

  13. I love these, they are so cute! Fun for a birthday party!!

  14. I love how simple this looks to create but then it looks expensive when finished I have been looking for crafts for older kids to make at my one yr olds birthday party this would be perfect .

  15. My little girl is a Frozen fan and she is asking for a Frozen themed party for her 7th birthday. This is a nice DIY to try.

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