being MVP: Aladdin Kids Lunch Review

Aladdin Kids Lunch Review

Disclosure: I received the following for review from Aladdin. All opinions are my own.

I am in love with the Aladdin Mason Entertaining products we have been using so it's natural that the Aladdin kids lunch products would be just as amazing. They are great for packing school lunches, taking along on field trips, weekend trips to the amusement parks or picnics and more.

The kids were both excited about the Insulated Sandwich and Snack Kit which has 4 a removable ice pod to keep food fresh. The lid is easy to open and close which is a plus for little hands. Kenzie did inquire why the lid didn't come off entirely but was rather connected on one side. This is a great feature for little ones because they cannot lose a lid that is stuck on their container! Kenzie is going on another field trip this week so guess who will have an Aladdin lunch? 

The 3 pc To-Go Snack containers are great. They look like takeout containers for sauce but can be reused and have a twist-on, leakproof lid. The 4 oz size makes it perfect for dips, yogurt, nuts and/or sweet treats. They are also fun for sharing with friends and even as little party favors with a customized label.

The Flip-to-Sip Kids Water bottle is more eco-conscious and fun than tossing a regular ole water bottle in a packed lunch. I can't tell you how many times Kenzie returns home with a half filled water bottle that is eventually tossed. The easy to open straw lid allows for Kenzie to stay hydrated without (a) spilling water over her clothes and (b) wasting store bought Spring water. I can easily refill these bottles with our filtered water and take them with us on outings. It's lightweight yet durable so even with Mason banging his everywhere, after a quick wash, it is ready to be filled again. 

The Cafe-To-Go bottle is mine! Yes I claimed it even though Kenzie technically saw it first. The design is of a classic soda bottle but with an easy to clean two-way lid. The lid is specifically designed to keep carbonated soda and sparkling water contained, so you can make a fizzy drink just the way you like it and take it to go.

Do you pack your kids lunches? Would they like the Aladdin Kids products? 


  1. Those are awesome! I love how everything is compact with seperate compartments.

  2. These are really nice lunch kits and I can see why you love them. They are so cute and the colors are so vibrant. This would be a great lunch box for my nephew. I would love to get him one!

  3. I love the Flip-to-Sip Kids Water bottle! It looks easy to hold and drink from!

  4. I like the flip side containers as well. It makes it so much easier to get the containers together versus hunting for the lids.

  5. Those do look like fun. They'd be perfect for making Bento Box lunches too!

  6. Awww.... Your children are soooo adorable!

    I wish they would have had Aladdin Kids lunch boxes when my children were younger. It looks like it really keeps everything fresh and I love the compartments to keep the food separate!

  7. My kids pack lunch almost every day. My daughter usually packs for both of them. This set would make it easier for her!

  8. Love the fun colors and separate compartments!

  9. The 4 little compartments are the perfect size for lunch foods, very cute.


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