being MVP: 2014 Hot Holiday Toy List #ChosenByKids

2014 Hot Holiday Toy List #ChosenByKids

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Can you believe that the holidays are coming up in just 2 months? Eek! Some of our friends informed us that they already started shopping this past weekend. I'm a huge fan of shopping early as you don't want to miss out on the hottest toys for the season. Walmart is showcasing the hottest toys for the holiday with their Holiday Toyland events beginning on October 4 and on select Saturdays until December 13th.

Some of the toys chosen by kids to be the hottest toys for the season include:

Hasbro FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo Walkin’ Pup

Fisher Price Little People Skyway

V-Tech Smartwatch

Just Play Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Clinic

Hasbro Doh Vinci Anywhere Art Studio Easel and Storage Case Set & Doh Vinci Stylist

Spinmaster Kinetic Sand Box Set

Moose Littlest Live Pets

Spinmaster Flutterbye Flying Fairy Deluxe Light-U

From past years' experience, the hottest toys are the quickest to go as parents do not want to be scrambling the night before Christmas on the hunt for the most wanted but sold out. It's also nice to shop early so you can grab extras of the hottest toys as gifts. As our friends have children and/or having additional children, the Christmas gifting list gets longer and longer each year. Shopping early means getting the hottest toys at the regular price (rather than trying to score from those who were savvy enough to shop early) and not dealing with getting stomped over by the heavy crowds as it gets closer to the holidays.

Stop by a Holiday Toyland event at your local Walmart to preview the toys your child(ren) wants most this holiday season and get a head start!

What toys are on your child's wishlist this year?


  1. I can't believe it's already the 4th quarter and Christmas is around the corner! I love the Doc McStuffins mobile clinic. My son has Octonauts toys on his wish list.

  2. My grandsons would love the Fisher Price Little People Skyway! On there list this year is anything Thomas and Friends related!

  3. These are a great group of toys! My son wants a mini ipad.

  4. My daughter wants so many of these! It is crazy!

  5. My kids haven't been very vocal about what they want so far this year. I'm hoping that our visit to Walmart for this event will get them to start making their lists!

  6. I'm actually surprised that I haven't seen more toy commercials and it's great that Walmart has these events to help clueless parents.

  7. I love that Walmart is having these events! I just can't believe Christmas is coming so fast.

  8. Time did fly! I can't believe it is already time to start thinking about holiday toys! It's a fun time of year!

  9. Looking forward to the event at our store on Saturday! I can't believe the Christmas countdown is on!

  10. I'll be heading there this weekend! Can't believe it's already that time of year again. Saw a couple things in your post that are perfect for someone in our tribe. :)

  11. I am ready to shop for the holidays now! #ChosenByKids


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