being MVP: Disney Ariel Little Mermaid Costume Review

Disney Ariel Little Mermaid Costume Review

Disclosure: I received the following costume for review from Whole Halloween Costumes. All opinions are my own.

Kenzie loves to dress up in costumes - anytime, any day. Although she loves her Frozen, she also likes all the Disney princesses. Her first movie was actually The Little Mermaid and she has been wanting a tail just like Ariel for the longest time. She actually imitates swimming with a tail in the bath. Guess who was excited to go under the sea in her new Ariel costume?

This is a fantastic costume feature bright colors such as blue, teal and purple. The clam shell accents are so much fun for a little girl.It has a frilly tutu which is perfect for twirling splashing in the ocean while listening to Kiss the Girl. There is also a cute headband included which would be perfect with the Ariel wig. Kenzie doesn't have any sort of costume wig to complete her outfits yet. She has been asking for "white hair" for her Christmas birthday though....I don't know how to respond. Any suggestions?   

What are some of your child's favorite costumes to dress up in?


  1. That is a very cute Little Mermaid costume! I really like the costumes from Pottery Barn Kids, but they can be a little expensive. I am thinking about a "Where the Wild Things Are" costume idea for my little one. : )

  2. Maybe by "white hair" she means she wants a blond wig??? I love that Ariel costume, she looks adorable in it. It would be perfect for Halloween.

  3. This is adorable! She look great! I remember when my daughter was into wearing her Minnie Mouse costume. I had to wash it every night because that was all she wanted to wear.

  4. This is such a cute costume! The colors are so pretty and she looks beautiful!

  5. So pretty! The Little Mermaid was one of my favorite movies when I was little, I can't wait to introduce that and other classics to my daughter! I was just wondering the other day if it would work to kool-aid dye a kids hair - couldn't do white but definitely other colors.

  6. Oh, so cute!! I may have to buy this since I haven't gotten around to sewing one yet.


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