being MVP: Wikki Stix Designer Piggy Bank

Wikki Stix Designer Piggy Bank

Disclosure: My cousin received the Wikki Stix Designer Piggy Bank for review. All opinions are her own.

I remember using Wikki stix when I was a child, so I was totally excited when my daughter received a new piggy bank from Wikki Stix.   She has been wanting a new piggy bank for some time, ever since we moved across country almost two years ago now, and she left behind her large ceramic puppy bank.  She does have a small tin one now, but she has been wanting a true ‘piggy bank.’  And this piggy bank from Wikki Stix is perfect for her because she is able to design it herself.  My daughter loves decorating and doing art projects, so she was excited to see that this piggy bank offered something extra.  

My daughter is starting first grade this fall, so she has been working a lot on money skills lately.  This piggy bank is perfect for her because she can work on her math skills while saving.  She is old enough now that she can understand the concept of long term savings towards a particular goal, such as saving up for her first bicycle.  She is very interested in doing household chores to earn allowance, which will also help her keep track of her money and saving progress.  She couldn’t wait to ‘feed’ her new pig.  In fact, she has been treating the piggy bank as her new pet, naming it and carrying it around the house with her.

My daughter received 72 Wikki Stix along with her piggy bank.  Wikki Stix are multi colored wax- infused yarn.  And they are reusable, so it was really easy for my daughter to peel them off and reposition the Wikki Stix into a new design.  She was able to easily bend and manipulate them herself to create whatever she imagined. I love that this product encourages creativity, but the best thing about the Wikki Stix creatables is that the don’t make a mess!  I have to admit, sometimes I just don’t do art projects with the kids because I don’t want to have to deal with the clean up involved afterward.  But with a Wikki Stix project, there is absolutely no mess left behind!  WIkki Stix never stiffen or harden and need no special storage.

Wikki Stix adhere to almost any smooth surface with just fingertip pressure.  My daughter was excited to know that she could create three dimensional creatures with her leftover Wikki Stix.  Wikki Stix are a timeless toy that are made in the USA.  I like that my daughter is able to work independently with the Wikki Stix.  With a new baby at home, the last thing I want is a project designed to keep her busy that involves me doing all the work.  As a teacher, I can also really see the value of using Wikki Stix in the classroom as a teaching tool.  Now that I have introduced my daughter to the world of Wikki Stix, she is excited to try some of their other products that she can create crafts with to share with her friends, such as valentines, birthday party goody bags, and Halloween trick or treat bags.  We will definitely be purchasing other Wikki Stix products in the future for different seasonal occasions. 


  1. i love this! every little girl has to have a piggy bank! its super mandatory! thanks again! xoxo

  2. That is so cute! How creative and fun to decorate!

  3. I love this! I have never heard or seen these before. I think early childhood development demands a lot of expression of individual style. I think there is nothing better for kids to let their imagination go wild and this would be a great tool. Thanks for sharing!


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