being MVP: Blackened Fish with Mango {Recipe}

Blackened Fish with Mango {Recipe}

With the summer season we buy an assortment of fruits to enjoy. One of my favorites is mango. I love making drinks, sides and main courses using it. Recently, I used it as part of a dish of seasoned grilled fish. Mango gives the perfect contrast to spices that the fish is seasoned with, giving it a fresh, crisp, sweet and tangy taste.  


1 filet Wild Alaskan Sock-eye salmon
Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends: Blackened Redfish Magic
1 mango peeled and diced
Olive oil
  1. Rub olive oil on the top of the fish
  2. Cover fish with blackened seasoning mix (a little heavier covering on the thicker portions of the fish)
  3. Put some vegetable oil on the grill prior to placing the fish on to prevent sticking
  4. Place the fish on the grill with the skin side up first and leave for about 3 to 4 minutes
  5. Flip the fish so that the skin side is on the grill now and leave for another 7 to 8 minutes
  6. Remove from heat and top with the diced mango.

Do you grill fish? What are some of your favorite recipes?


  1. I do love salmon but have not grilled it yet. I usually bake it. But this recipe looks delicious and I would enjoy it!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I know my husband will love it!

  3. This looks and sounds fantastic! I'd like to try Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends: Blackened Redfish Magic, too!

  4. I am not a huge fan of fish but my husband and son would love this. It sounds delicious.

  5. I love fish and mango. Would love to try this.

  6. This recipe looks awesome and so healthy for you too!

  7. My husband would love this! It looks very similar to a dish he had in Maui.
    I will have to try making this for him. Thanks!

  8. This looks amaaaaaazing!! I wish we could find good fresh mango around here!!


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