being MVP: Personalized Gifts from @tolalu_com

Personalized Gifts from @tolalu_com

Disclosure: My cousin received the following from Tolalu for review. All opinions are her own.

My daughter loves personalized items.  The only problem is, she has a unique name so I never find her name anywhere when I’m looking at cups or magnets with kids’ names in a store.  So the only way for her to get anything personalized is for me to order it.  A lot of her friends at school have personalized things and she is always wishing for items with her name on them.  So I was excited to discover the Tolalu website, where I am able to order a variety of items and customize them for my children.  

I have been wanting to get some new placemats for the kids to eat on, since the ones that we have are getting old and discolored from being washed so many times.  So I was excited to find that I could order placemats on the Tolalu website that were personalized with my children’s names on them.  I was able to customize them with the theme of my choice.  I ordered a girly theme for my daughter with fairies on it and a robot/space themed placemat for my two year old son.  The new placemats will be a perfect table protector for my son’s messy painting projects, or for an activity such as playdough.

Ashlynn loves notebooks.  She loves having a little notepad that she can draw in or make lists (i.e. Who I Want to Invite to my Birthday Party) so I decided to order a spiral notebook for her.  The theme was matching with the fairy theme that I had chosen for her placemat.  She is almost out of school for the summer, so I have been thinking about activities that I can have her do at home to keep up with her learning.  I am a former elementary school teacher, so I was planning to create little worksheets for her to continue her lessons so she doesn't forget what she has been learning.  Every morning at school, their teacher has them write in their journals.  I was thinking that we could continue this practice at home with her new notebook.  I can give her a topic to write a short paragraph about each day, such as “What was your favorite animal from the zoo yesterday?  Why?”  The notebook has 80 pages.

Ashlynn was delighted to receive her new personalized notebook and placemat.  The quality of all the products that I received from Tolalu seemed very good.  I had wanted to order a photo book, but I got frustrated trying to use the photo uploading tool on their website and gave up.  They do have many other photo products that you can choose from, such as photo calendars and greeting cards for the grandparents, which you can customize with your own photos.  Tolalu has many great gift ideas that are reasonably priced, which would be perfect for my daughter to give as a gift for a friend’s birthday.  You can personalize stickers with your child’s name, and they also have customized growth charts and chore charts that come in a variety of designs.  I plan to order a chore chart for my kids as my next purchase from Tolalu.  

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  1. I love personalized gifts. They are so fun to give to someone and they know you took time to get it done for them too! What a nice site to know about. Thanks for the nice review and new knowledge for gifts! Rita Spratlen

  2. These are great. I love personalized items/gifts.


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