being MVP: How to Store your Children's Art | Dynamic Frames + #Coupon

How to Store your Children's Art | Dynamic Frames + #Coupon

Disclosure: I received a frame for review from Dynamic Frames. All opinions are my own.

Kenzie has been bringing home paperwork from preschool for some time now. Most of it I look at and then toss. I used to just take photos of her earlier drawings because they were too large for the little box I started storing some of her schoolwork in. I also didn't want to tape up her masterpieces all over our walls as she did at the inlaws. Dynamic Frames has the perfect solution with their Li'l Davinci collection.

Kenzie has recently switched from ballet to art at preschool and has enjoyed it so much since. Art classes are a big pricey in addition to her usual tuition so I want to cherish and display the work that she ends up bringing home. The 18x24 kids art frame is a great way to store all these wonderful creations. It comes in black, cherry and white so you can choose the one that fits your home decor. I went with the classic black so that the art pieces would pop once inside. 

What's neat is that this frame has a door that opens quickly and easily with a latch on the side. You can store up to 50 pieces of art and display vertically or horizontally. I love that I can display Kenzie's artwork in the playroom and quickly add to it when she brings home something new every Friday. She also likes to draw and paint on her easel downstairs so it's nice to be able to just rip off from the large sheet roll and place in the frame for display. 

Dynamic Frames offers many different options and sizes of kids art frames so that you can mix and match to create a wall display if you'd like. We'll need to get another for when Mason starts doodling!

Coupon Code: Use Code MVP17 for 17% off any full-priced items. Expires 6/30/14.

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Do you have budding artists? How do you manage all their fabulous artwork?


  1. So cute. I love this idea. What better way to decorate your home than with your child's art worked framed.

  2. I like the modern look of these frames. Another good idea is to scan the artwork too and make in printed photo albums!

  3. I def need to do this! I want to keep almost everything pretty that my daughter makes and this would be a great way to show it off in the house. these look really nice


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