being MVP: Unbelievable Summer Staycation Packages at Knott's #SoakCityOC

Unbelievable Summer Staycation Packages at Knott's #SoakCityOC

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I didn't grow up in California so I am finding out along the way of kid friendly amusement spots as Kenzie is reaching the age where she enjoys such things. However, since I grew up in Florida and lived close to many of the theme parks, I know what a great value a season pass was for my parents (in hindsight as I only knew of the frequent fun I had). One park that is local and provides much fun for the young to old alike is Knott's. 
Knott's Berry Farm
8039 Beach Boulevard.
Buena Park, CA USA 90620
(714) 220-5200

The Knott's Gold Season Pass can be used at both Knott's Berry Farm and Soak City Park. It is made affordable with a payment plan as low as $17/mo for 6 months! The pass is such an awesome deal because it pays for itself in no time considering the cost of regular daily tickets. The kids had a blast when we visited Knott's Berry Farm and enjoyed the fun rides. I can't wait to take them to Knott's Soak City Park. I remember having so much fun at the water park when I was growing up. It is going to be a real treat for them.

Although we are local to Knott's and can get there in about 15 minutes, it is going to be a real treat staying at the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel. Although my husband grew up in Southern California and has visited Knott's many times, he didn't know that there was a hotel! I hear many people talking about staycations and this is exactly what I envision - staying at a local hotel and vacationing

Knott's Berry Farm Hotel
7675 Crescent Ave
Buena Park, CA  90620

Did you know that there is also a fantastic Knott's Hotel Vacation Easy Paying Program? There are several affordable packages to choose from and did you know that kids eat free when you book a package? Score! When I showed Kenzie a photo of the Snoopy themed room she became super excited about her "vacation" and asked if we were going to stay there everyday as well as inquired how large the bed was. Silly gal. I can only imagine how large her eyes will get when she sees the pool with children's activity area since apparently she sometimes turns into a mermaid. 

Have you thought about a staycation at Knott's this summer? We are planning to have our friends meet us  for a fun day in the sun. Hope to see you there!

Knott's Soak City
8039 Beach Boulevard.
Buena Park, CA 90620
(714) 220-5200


  1. This is a great deal. I would love to visit knotts berry farm but we live too far away.

  2. Oh I Love Knotts! We used to go every Sunday after church. We'd eat, then we'd go into the park. This was way back when they still used blue, yellow, pink, etc., colored tickets! I've taken my kids every time we go back to visit SoCal, and they have grown to love it as well. The park is very clean and there are times when there's hardly anyone there so the lines are almost non-existent! Everyone should take their kids here at least once.

  3. we usually go to cedar point park and water park in the summer. We get a great package deal! We have a lot of fun!

  4. Wish we were lots closer, sounds like a great place to take the grandchildren

  5. Sounds like a great vacations spot. I'd like a staycation but with a new baby coming soon I think it isn't in the cards


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