being MVP: Surpahs Digital Scales

Surpahs Digital Scales

Disclosure: My friend Rita received the following scales for review from Surpahs. All opinions are her own.
As a new mom who is trying to lose weight, I was very excited to try out and review Surpah’s digital scales. Surpahs has a great line of thin, sleek and reliable digital scales for the kitchen and bathroom.  I received the Skidproof “Step-ON” Digital Bathroom Scale and the Thinner Stainless Steel Precision Digital Kitchen Scale to try out.

The digital kitchen scale ($18.98 + free shipping) is a great addition to my kitchen gadgets. It’s perfect for weighing portions or in an easy to read large display screen. I’m able to measure items in different units by simply tapping the “unit” button to switch between grams, pounds, ounces, fluid ounces and even milliliters.  This scale is ultra thin, sleek and extremely light weight.  I can easily fit this anywhere in my kitchen and it looks great next to my other stainless steel appliances. For those of you that may not have a lot of counter space or prefer your products hidden, the ultra sleek design makes it very easy to store just about anywhere.  Don’t let the slender design fool you.  I still find that the scale surface is large enough to measure everything I needed.  I love how easy my life just got in measuring portions for myself and my family.  It’s a great asset in cooking especially those international recipes using other measuring systems and it’s a great tool to aid in the battle to lose weight and eat healthier.

The digital bathroom scale ($25 + free shipping) has a large LCD screen making it easy to read (even though I wasn't happy to see that number).  Unlike other digital scales, this one doesn't require you to tap the scale, wait to set to zero and repeat this process between different users. It’s “Step-ON” technology allows you to instantly weigh yourself and switch between users or reweigh yourself (like I do in disbelief at the numbers) without having to wait and reset. Despite my desire to have a lower number, this scale is accurate as I reweighed myself and also compared against different scales.  The numbers didn't change.  The scale features a skid proof design making it nice on any type of flooring.  While I generally prefer the tempered glass look or even their black scales, this scale has an etched line pattern on the white sides that give it a clean and modern look unlike most other scales and would look great in any bathroom.  


  1. Wow what a nice scale and you can't be that price and the free ship. Thank you for your review.

  2. I need a food scale, I would like to start using if for recipes and also to know portion control better. I have a bathroom scale though, its an older model, not digital.

  3. We have a kitchen scale, at first I thought we wouldn't use it, but we use it at least a couple times a week. I'm the same way with digital bath scales, many of them are very hard to read and that would definitely be a determining factor for our next one.

  4. i love the kitchen scale. we use one when we freeze meat that we ground and I use it when I ship things that I sell. It comes in very handy. I love that its digital. that makes it super easy

  5. My sister and I are trying to lose weight together, we do need something like this ourselves.

  6. These are really nice scales. Thank you for your review.


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