being MVP: Make Learning Fun with @SchoolZone

Make Learning Fun with @SchoolZone

Disclosure: I received the Little Busy Books and Sticker Books for review from School Zone. All opinions are my own.

I am so grateful that Kenzie loves to learn. She actually thinks that gong bu (study in korean) is a form of play and gets excited when I tell her we can "study" after dinner. School Zone offers some amazing tools that parents can purchase to supplement their child's learning from preschool age. 

The Little Busy Books are small in size but packed full of fun learning. Each is priced at $2.99 which makes it super affordable. I like to take these along when we go out just in case Kenzie needs some sort of entertainment. They come in handy when on a long car ride or even waiting an hour for a table at restaurants. The simple books are easy to comprehend and parents can become engaged in their child's learning. The activities range from simply connecting the dots by number to create a drawing to the I-spy game. I always make sure to keep one in the diaper bag because I know at any moment Kenzie will ask for her "learning books".

All children love being rewarded for a job well done and the Little Hand Helper Collection does just that. The activities are pretty easy to follow for Kenzie and she gets excited to receive a sticker (provided at the back of each book). School Zone is great for little learners because they make learning fun with workbooks, flashcards, software and more. Kenzie can easily complete an entire book in one sitting and always asks for more!  

Do you provide your child with additional learning materials? How do you make learning fun?

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  1. This is really nice! Thank you for this review.

  2. These are super little books! It is great that Kenzie looks forward to them. Learning while playing. :)


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