being MVP: Kids Tchotchke Organization | Animal Jars {Craft} #MakeItMonday

Kids Tchotchke Organization | Animal Jars {Craft} #MakeItMonday

Disclosure: This is a partnered post in collaboration with Gymboree and Oriental Trading. All opinions are my own.

Kenzie has so many tiny parts to some of her toys that they end up scattered throughout the house. Since I don't want Mason accidentally putting something in his mouth that could be a choking hazard, I needed a fun and quick solution. It had to be something that Kenzie could access but Mason couldn't with a fun factor.   


  • Variety of jars
  • Small plastic animals
  • Spray Paint
  • Tacky glue
  • Glitter

1.  Select a few plastic jungle animals that you want to use and set aside. Grab a few lids from quart mason jars and head outdoors. Oriental Trading has really cheap mason jars which are really versatile. Cheap as in price - NOT quality.  

2.  I like to lay a paper grocery bag down on the ground when spray painting. Place the animals and lids on the bag and spray with your choice of spray paint color. I am into gold right now and white is always a good option as a base or a clean, fresh look by itself. I was told by the hardware store employee to choose gloss for easier clean up. I let dry overnight but several hours will do if you are making these last minute.

3.  Using a paintbrush, coat animals with tacky glue or similar. The Jumbo Chubby Brushes are perfect for little hands to hold and bristles cover a good area at a time. 

4.  The fun part - sprinkle glitter all over the animals while the glue is still wet. Note that it does get messy especially when you have an overzealous child who loves glitter.

5.  When animals and lids are completely dry, glue the feet to the top of the lids with Elmer's ProBond Advanced® or alternative strong adhesive. I usually use super glue for everything that needs a strong bond. However, the employee at the hardware store suggested the ProBond which is definitely easier to use without the unpleasant smell.

6.    Let the glue set overnight and then fill with whatever you like i.e. small toys, school supplies, craft accessories, candy and more. These are pretty organizational containers that are easy and fun to make. They would also be perfect for gift giving. I can also imagine using smaller jars and filling with candy and small toys to make the a great birthday party favor using a toy on top that fits with the party theme.

The tall plastic jars are great for organizing your child's tiny toys and accessories because you don't have to worry about anything breaking and the lids are easily opened by preschoolers. You can really store a lot in these and I can't wait to make some more for my ribbons and Kenzie's hair bows/clips.

I should probably store the kids' Gymboree sunglasses in one of these! How do you organize random tchotchkes?


  1. These are super cute. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love this idea! I'll have to make some with all of the tiny dinosaurs that are everywhere in my house!

  3. This is good for adults too to dress up any kind of jar! I like the metallic paint!

  4. These Animal craft project where you put these cute animals after painting and decoration on top of the jars is so cute! I need to make these.

  5. This is a great way to keep things organized while making unique jars. I really like the animals after you painted them.

  6. what a wonderful idea and it great you got her involved :) thanks for share and I am getting an idea for the bathroom :) thanks

  7. These are so super cute! I esp love that this is a craft that the kids can be involved in doing.

  8. These are so neat, and they seem so easy to make. I need to do something like this with the kids, because they have so many tiny things.

  9. I saw this on your IG and was immediately inspired. I've had a case of mason jars sitting in my dining room, since I wanted 1...just sip my sweet tea from. LOL Slowly, I've been finding things to do with them...I love this idea!!!

  10. that is so neat i could use them for my beads and band and thing likepin and needles

  11. These are SO. CUTE. I love them. Definitely want to make these sometime!

  12. These are so adorable for a kids room! Great d├ęcor items! I want to make these and give them them to my sister. Awesome!

  13. OH this is an AMAZING idea and SO SUPER CUTE!! Making these this week!! My son's random toys are in serious need!!


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