being MVP: How to Plan the Perfect Mother’s Day with @safety_1st

How to Plan the Perfect Mother’s Day with @safety_1st

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re anything like my husband you are probably scrambling for a gift!  Most dad’s fall into one of two categories when shopping for this occasion. They either think very practically, like my husband, or they go with the highly advertised flowers. My thoughts are to think wisely. Getting her appliances to do more work, no matter how much she needs it, may not bring a smile to her face. However, most women appreciate the much needed items to make life simple, but pair it with something that pampers her also so that you've basically given her a gift to signify your recognition of all her hard work and also helped her.

What items can moms appreciate and not get upset?  Safety 1st has a great line of items that are perfect for just this occasion. They are everyday products that moms need and use with their kiddos, but help ease life as a mother. Safety 1st products are innovative and can help any mother with children from birth to toddler. For mother’s day try getting her a useful gift that she’ll definitely use and pair it with a sweet pampering massage to show her your appreciation. Below, I’ve listed a few products that you should definitely check out and ladies, it’s not too late to start hinting.

The Safety 1st Custom Care Modular Bathing Solution is the only infant to toddler bathing solution on the market! The ergonomic design adapts to your growing baby and eliminates the need for multiple tubs. Three easy to change positions promote physical closeness to your baby and proper support. Positions fit the newborn, infant recline and toddler stages.  Giving your baby is work and this tub will help any mom throughout the growing years and make keeping their little one clean and cuddly.
With the Safety 1st GenesisDigital Color Video Monitor your little one is never out of sight, providing a clear picture of baby. Using the remote controlled camera, parents are able to pan, tilt and zoom to get the best view of their child. It is also equipped with a special Talk Back function allowing parents to soothe baby.  This is an incredible product and so useful for all the different stages when you move that baby into his/her own room.  Many nights I wonder if my baby is okay and I love that this camera allows me to peek in so that I can rest assured and by simply talking back I can have the option to calm my baby with his favorite songs and noises.

The Safety 1st AdvanceSE 65 Air + convertible car seat ensures your child is safe from 5-65 pounds. Better yet, it meets the new requirements for the new 65 Pound LATCH rule.

These products and so many more from Safety 1st are great for Mother’s day especially when paired with spa treatment, massage, or anything else that allows her some relaxation for all her hard work.

Safety 1st is offering 10% OFF orders of $100 or more + 
free shipping – just in time for Mother’s Day! 


  1. That's the truth, that most of us are okay with a practical gift, but if you go that route, it really is a good idea to balance that with a pampering or nonessential type of gift. Homemade gifts are always welcomed. In my case, and it's just my opinion, I wouldn't have wanted to receive an item for my babies, I would expect that without occasion. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, and I've actually been okay those Mother's Days that I didn't receive anything. But now that I'm older, and reflecting on things I feel a little regretful for during my child-rearing years, I like being encouraged and reminded of the things that I did do right.

  2. I just like just spending time with my kids and don't to much care for gifts, unless its something they made, usually they make something in school and bring it home for me, its so cute watching them go and grab it out of there backpack with a huge smile and seeing how excited they are to give it to me and watching there actions, That's a gift to me just seeing them do this. And as long as I get to have time with them to do something special that's what I want. It warms my heart.

  3. Since my kids are a s school age, I like things that they make for me and we usually spend the day out as long as it's good weather. I don't think I would have enjoyed receiving baby gifts for mother's day.

  4. I never thought to tell my husband practical gifts would be great. Thinking back it has always been flowers, card and dinner. Maybe I will hint to him something along the lines of things like this.

  5. Thanks for the ideas, we usually tell each other to get practical gifts or skip gifts entirely


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