being MVP: Freshly Baked at Home | Jen & Joe's Cookie Dough

Freshly Baked at Home | Jen & Joe's Cookie Dough

Disclosure: I received a mixed case from Jen & Joe's for review. All opinions are my own.

I love cookies. I don't discriminate. However, warm, fresh baked cookies have a scent and texture that can't be beat. Although I have made cookies from scratch in the past, it just takes a wee bit more effort and time than I usually have. Jen & Joe's offers gourmet homestyle cookie dough that come in individual servings to bake at home. 

Many people probably can't eat an entire tray of cookies at a time so these individual servings from Jen & Joe's are fantastic. You can choose how many to bake at a time and enjoy them while they are warm with a glass of milk. You can even mix and match the flavors if you want a variety without having to bake one entire box. 

These are the real deal. Jen & Joe's uses real egg and butter and the cookies are full of flavor. My favorite is the oatmeal toffee. So goeey and mouth watering that I technically could indulge in an entire box if I really wanted to. I am good and only ate 4 in a row. The Lemon Drop is my next favorite. It's like a burst of lemony sunshine that is fresh and a delightful treat. 

Just lay your favorites on a baking tray and pop in the oven for 10 or so minutes depending on your flavors. They are ready in no time for you to enjoy! You can even make 2-4 in the toaster oven if you want a small treat and don't want to wait for the oven to preheat.

These are fantastic to keep in the freezer for when you have guests over for dinner. You can easily bake so friends can enjoy with their coffee. Jen & Joe's also offers chocolate chunk, white chocolate wasabi, chocolate spice and snickerdoodle flavors. These are a hit with my family.  

Connect with Jen & Joe’s on Facebook and Twitter.  You can order the cookie dough directly from the Jen & Joe’s Store or search for a store near you.


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