being MVP: Step2 | Busy Ball Play Table™

Step2 | Busy Ball Play Table™

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It feels like summer already here in Southern California so perfect timing to explore the Step2 Busy Ball Play Table with the kiddos. They have been playing with the Step2 Fun Flow Play Sink that I bought last year at the inlaws house so I knew they would love something to play with at home. The Busy Ball Play Table is great in that you can play with it indoors as well as outdoors.

The assembly was pretty simple in that I only need a screwdriver for the 3 screws for the tower. Mason was hovering over me the entire time so imagine his delight when I told him it was ready for him in less than 15 minutes. The Step2 Busy Ball Play Table™ ($39.99) sturdily stands on 3 legs and features a large basin that catches the balls coming down the chute. Check out the fun the kiddos are having!

There is a center spinner where Kenzie likes to place the balls and spin around really fast so they fly around. The two red catapults on either side of the play table garner many laughs as Kenzie and I both launch balls into the air. These also double as water scoopers! There are three entrance points on top of the tower for the kids to place balls in. Mason sometimes veers from the top and places balls directly onto the chute arms. I wish the tower would be a bit more sturdier  as the kids can easily knock it over. However, I can easily just pop it back into place and the play resumes.

It's easy to fill the Step2 water table with your hose and it holds four gallons of water for your child's delight. Mason and Kenzie both love the scooping cup so much that I need to bring the other one over from the inlaws so they can play together without argument. Ten, lightweight balls are included which are easy for little hands to grasp.  

The size (27.87 H 31.50 W 31.50 D) is wonderful for those who do not have much space in their backyard/patio or as an addition to a playroom. It provides hours of fun for your little ones and gives you a chance to put your feet up and enjoy their giggles. When the play is over (or when it's time to go inside for nap time), simply open the drain plug for quick cleanup and let the table dry for the next time. This is a great product for anytime of the year!  

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  1. My sons would totally be all over something like this. I love all the Step2 outdoor toys. We've had a couple of them and they are totally engaging.

  2. That looks like so much fun!! My grandsons love to play with balls and this is like ball heaven!

  3. We had a water table but it was very basic, this is so much more fun. My son would have a blast with this.

  4. Looks like they had a lot of fun! I bet my nephew or goddaughter would love it!

  5. Oooh! I love this table! This one looks fun!

  6. I love the size of this and how many balls there are, plenty enough room and balls for more then one child to play. It also teaches kids about color. love it


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