being MVP: Pepper & Penny | Youth Activewear @pepperandpenny

Pepper & Penny | Youth Activewear @pepperandpenny

Disclosure: I received the following outfit from Pepper & Penny for review. All opinions are my own.

Kenzie is a really active child and loves to run and be chased around the playground. I always encourage play time and even indulge her challenges for a race. Pepper & Penny recognizes that developing a healthy lifestyle as children will in turn teach them to understand fitness and incorporate it into their lives as adults. The adorable yet highly functional pieces from the 2014 Harmonic Rush collection feature stretchable fabrics that are comfortable. 

Kenzie is sporting the Clove in Python ($32), Zedoary in Black ($40) and Perilla in Stone ($52). The Clove is a fitted racerback tank top that Kenzie likes calling her boingy shirt. She wants to wear it day and night because it's that comfortable. The fun fashionable python print is great for peeking out under the Zedoary top. It has a box shape cut which is great for layering and the long sleeves allow it to be tied around the waist when hot from all the exercise. The Perilla pants are amazing. I absolutely love the trendy kids haram pants which feature a thick fold over waistband. 

Since Kenzie has been asking me what I do at the gym, it's nice to introduce her to some yoga poses so she can start working on her balance. The doctor just recently told me to relieve my back pain, I need to strengthen my core with pilates and yoga. Just fantastic. At least if Kenzie joins me in sessions at home, we can both benefit at the same time!

The quality of the Pepper & Penny pieces are amazing and I hope they carry an adult line soon because I can see myself lounging in these functional yet stylish pieces on a daily basis.

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  1. Those little pants are the cutest! I bet they are so comfortable to wear!

  2. Cute outfit and it looks comfy too. I had not heard of this brand before.

  3. Absolutely adorable! I love to see kids wearing kids clothes and not little adult clothes!!

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