being MVP: Disney Frozen Queen Elsa Paper Dress {DIY} #ScottValue #PMedia #ad

Disney Frozen Queen Elsa Paper Dress {DIY} #ScottValue #PMedia #ad

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Although we were late to start, Kenzie has jumped onto the Frozen bandwagon with gusto and has been asking for all things Frozen related. However, since I am not about to pay a king's ransom for the highly sought out Elsa dress on eBay, I decided I would try my hand at making one using Scott Towels and Scott Extra Soft bath tissue from Kmart.

  • 1 roll Scott Extra Soft bath tissue
  • 1 roll Scott Towel
  • Blue Twine
  • Packing Tape
  • Scissors
  • Krylon Shimmering Silver Glitter Spray

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1.  Tear off one sheet of Scott Towels and fold into a square, cutting off the excess. Fold and cut into a snowflake of your choice. I used to be really good at making intricate snowflakes but my skills have gotten soft. However, thanks to the joy of a child who doesn't know the difference yet, I just cut without stress. Make at least 6 snowflakes.

2.  Take your snowflakes outside and lay on the ground. Spray generously with the glitter spray and then leave to dry.

3.  Lay out Scott paper towel sheets and tape together to form cape. The number of sheets you use is dependent upon your child's size. 

4.  Braid sheets of Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue to create the straps for the cape. Lay aside.

5.  Lay a few sheets of paper towel on the floor for the top. I used 4 sheets for Kenzie and she's a small size 4. Fold as shown in picture being careful with the perforated part so as not to tear. and tape along the folds.
6.  Use scissors to poke holes on the back of the top and weave the twine through. 

7.  Lay out Scott Towel sheets to create the skirt. Tape together.

8.  Cut a slit up the front of the skirt and take around the edges.

9.  Fold down the top of the skirt and tape in place.

10.  Poke holes through each side of skirt and tie twine through.

11.  Cut out more snowflakes using single sheets of the Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue and tape to the top.

12.  Tape glitter snowflakes to the cape and attach braided loops (for shoulders) onto top of cape with tape.

*You can embellish with more snowflakes and glitter spray if you want as well as add a braided trim to the top. It's all up to your imagination and skill!

Can you see a pattern here? Use a lot of tape! I was surprised that I used less than one roll of Scott Towels and Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue to create the entire dress.  

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The possibilities are endless of the creations you can make with SCOTT® products. A quick braid added to a hair clip makes a fun accessory to go with the dress. In light of the recent paper dress trend, head on over to Kmart to pick up your rolls and start crafting away!

What are some of your ideas for using the SCOTT® products?


  1. Haha awesome!! This reminds me of @2sisters_angie on Instagram. They make dresses out of paper! I bet your daughter loved it

  2. How cute! She looks like she loves her Elsa dress!

  3. That's so cool! I've been wanting to make a dress out of paper.. I love the snowflakes.

  4. My nieces all LOVED Frozen. Thanks for the great DIY craft

  5. SO clever! She looks just like a Queen!

  6. Such a cool and unique idea. I would have never guessed that this is made from Scott Extra Soft bath tissue! And only one roll at that! It turned out so well!

  7. I like the addition of the sparkles to the snowflakes. :) That really puts this over the top. How fun!

  8. That is seriously one of the coolest paper dresses I've seen. I have some little friends from church that would adore it!

  9. Wow, that turned out great! I bet your daughter just LOVES wearing it!

  10. I love it. The dress is beautiful. My girls would love it except it would not last long for them.

  11. I can't believe this is paper, you are so creative!

  12. Creative DIY. My kids will love looking like Elsa and being a princess.

  13. That dress is so adorable!!!! Look just like material!

  14. what an awesome idea ;) love it and love how it came out, thanks for share

  15. Wow you are so much craftier than I am! That grin on her face says it all!

  16. That's impressive!! How fun! :) I bet she loved making this and wearing it!

  17. What adorable photos! A super idea and I would never have thought of doing something like this with paper towels, very creative.
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  18. Omgosh this is AMAZING!! I love her face lol!! Super cute :) You did a great job!!


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