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Wedding Season | Decorating with Lights

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It's Spring which means wedding season is in full force. We are actually attending a cousin's wedding at the lavish Montage Resort next month and I can't wait to see all the pretty decor that they came up with. I have always been in awe of the wedding decor and planning and still pore over wedding sites/blogs/magazines even though I've been married for over 8 years. My husband always asks me why but the neat details can always be replicated for other parties as well. One thing I've noticed a trend in these days is lighting at these weddings. 

The sparkly twinkle of hanging strings of lighting across your guest seating or wrapped around trees or simply hanging from branches makes sure a fantastic effect. There are so many ideas and tutorials on Pinterest that many brides are taking the DIY approach. You can find many of the garland lights at which would be perfect for your wedding. 

How beautiful is the effect of running strands of lights over the dance floor or even the reception area? It is such a simple decor idea that leads to visually stunning photographs and even a more lovely scene when the sun goes down for the party of your life. 

These lights are so versatile that you can pretty much use them as decor for any party. They can be used stand alone or in conjunction with canopies, fabric and paper garlands, ribbons - the possibilities are endless. 

Are you planning a wedding or a party and thinking of using lighting for decor? Lighting is an essential ingredient for creating the perfect mood. Even the simplest addition will make an amazing impact. Have you used lighting for your wedding or events? Where do you find your inspiration? Did you think of using Christmas light strands as decor?  


  1. Wow those lights really help set the mood! Beautiful!!

  2. Lights would certainly make a weeding extra special and create a nice ambiance.

  3. Strings of lights are so beautiful, it really is elegant.


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