being MVP: TNT's Private Lives of Nashville Wives Episode 2: Fun Sponge #NashvilleWives

TNT's Private Lives of Nashville Wives Episode 2: Fun Sponge #NashvilleWives

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with TNT. All opinions are my own. 

With a title like Fun Sponge, you know Episode 2 is going to be full of drama. 

Learning tricks of 16 years of marriage with Erica. It's all about Themes: Santa Hat, Bunny Hop, 4th of July, FREEZE, FREEZE Wait - The American Flag!

Cassie: What does Brian Think? I can put a flag on your flagpole.

Erica gets to focus on herself without the kids and plan a Girls Night Out. 

Sarah is getting ready to play at a new venue. She sounds awesome practicing with her band. Sarah is so down to earth traveling with her band in a simple white van with a trailer on the way to her show. I want her aviators! "Even Elvis had to drive around before he was famous". 

Downtown Roanoke at Sidewinders Steakhouse for the big show. Sarah's name was missing the "h" on the front sign. She is actually doing all the setup herself with her band. She is really good with her performance but people aren't watching/listening to her. Only 2 t-shirts were sold. My heart aches for her as the band packs up.

Gary changing Eva Rose's nasty diaper - she is too cute in her polka dot onesie. Chelsea, the birth mother, has 10 days to change her mind (for adoption). Cassie and Gary have had Eva Rose for 5 days. Chelsea was nice enough to pump breastmilk for Eva Rose. They had thought about a closed adoption however went against that because they wanted Eva Rose to know her birth mother. 

Cassie talks about wanting to vomit everyday because she doesn't know if the birth mother will change her mind. Southern tradition to have a "sip and see" to meet Eva Rose. Hoping the looming feel of Chelsea changing her mind goes away!  

The champagne is popped as Eva Rose is now officially Cassie's daughter. I'm so happy for her and think she will be an amazing mother. Eva Rose gets to join in on the toast with milk in her Tommee Tippee bottle!

Erica is such a good mom. Love her display of her children's artwork. She has to let go of everything she has to worry about and let her Hubs take charge with the kiddos. I'm a plastic baggie person with labels too! "Because I'm a freak like that". She worries because her husband doesn't think - - about the same things I worry with my own Hubs when he is with the kiddos alone. She is hitting the point where it's ok to focus on herself. I need to reach that point - someday. 

Everyone is getting glam for a night on the town. White limo picks up the gals. The twins are picked up and they are headed to a honky tonk at Swingin Doors Saloon. What is a honky tonk? The place looks a bit dead - no table dancing, no crazy drinking. "Erica's party skills need major help". This would not be a fun girls night out for me! 

Cassie gives Erika a beer maid outfit. I need to keep it hot too - anniversary is coming up! The party is ready to start with some shots and Ana gets the ball rolling with hula hoops. How is it possible she doesn't have a man? Erika refuses a kamikaze - what??? She's a party pooper because she won't even dance with someone else because he is not her man. 

Ana puts on the beer maid costume and Erika is annoyed. Girls night out is not quite as I imagined for this group. No one seems to have a good time. However, I don't think that she's a "fun sponge". I hope her friends start backing her up and acting like real friends in the next episode!

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  1. and once again i wish I had satellite again lol. it looks like a fun show that I would enjoy watching.


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