being MVP: Nominate a Non-profit, Church, or Community space for a Free Cleaning #MinorMiracle #ZerorezSoCal

Nominate a Non-profit, Church, or Community space for a Free Cleaning #MinorMiracle #ZerorezSoCal

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with ZerorezSoCal. All opinions are my own.

Not only does Zerorez SoCal offer amazing, green cleaning for your home, they are do-gooders! The Minor Miracles program was developed to help deserving organizations and individuals. Who doesn't feel better in a clean home/office? A clean and healthy environment allows one to thrive and improves their outlook.

2 areas cleaned by ZerorezSoCal for only $99
Order today by calling 866-937-6739 
and mention code: Bein08

Do you know a non-profit, church or community space that deserves a minor miracle? Complete the form below to make your nominations now. They could be chosen to receive a fabulous cleaning from Zerorez SoCal!

Their services include carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, file and grout cleaning and resealing, natural stone cleaning (marble, travertine, etc.), hardwood clean and buff, mattress cleaning (we need this!), air ducts and furnace cleaning, pet urine removal, linoleum and vinyl tile cleaning, counter top cleaning, shower cleaning (need this too), leather furniture cleaning, patio decks, garage floors, walkways, autos, boats, motor homes, carpet stretch and repair, commercial facility cleaning. Wow that list is amazingly long which means they have most areas in your home/office covered. They service the following counties: Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino.

Check out some of Zerorez SoCal's past Minor Miracle recipients:
  • Working Wardrobes Offices and Showroom :: helping the homeless train, dress and apply for employment
  • U.S. Veterans Offices :: provides apartments for veterans who are homeless and seeking a new start
  • Women's Shelter of Huntington Beach
  • Mother's Day Program :: 10 deserving moms provided cleaning service. Check out one of the winner's here. How amazing would it be to even gift a cleaning to your own mom? 
  • Family of five teenagers who lost their father to a heart attack
  • White House Restaurant of Anaheim (love the food here!) :: over 500 free meals provided to homeless "motel" kids 

Just look at the difference in my grout! I always thought I was super clean in always vacuuming and having the house cleaner come every two weeks. Boy was I schooled by the Zerorez SoCal tech. Get rid of the grime and call Zerorez today to schedule your appointment to kick off Spring Cleaning!

2 areas for only $99! Order today by calling 866-937-6739 
and mention code: Bein08

You can get 2 areas (up to 200 sq feet each) of carpet, hardwood, tile and grout and natural stone cleaned with ZerorezSoCal's green "no-residue" process. 

Make sure to connect with Zerorez SoCal on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube!


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