being MVP: How to Travel Across the Country with Two Kids Under 5 Years Old @Joovy

How to Travel Across the Country with Two Kids Under 5 Years Old @Joovy

Disclosure: I received the Bumprider from Joovy for review. All opinions are my own.

Traveling on my own across the country with two little ones was daunting. Just traveling with Kenzie several times was burdensome with all the luggage, stroller, diaper bag, etc. Adding in another child (in diapers) plus car seats and even more luggage and a slight layover had me frazzled. I debated several times over whether I would take the double stroller (which one to take), a single stroller (risk Kenzie getting tired and dealing with her crabbiness), 2 car seats vs. 1 car seat and more. 

Joovy came to the rescue with their amazing Bumprider ($99.99 + free shipping) which is a universal stroller board. It comes almost ready to use - just snap in the wheels and it's ready to attach onto your stroller. The arms are adjustable (length, width and height) and you just loop the bands around the back of the stroller frame and clip the clamps to lock. Then tighten the board using the round bar knob at the head of the stand. How simple and it only takes a minute or so! No tools required so this is great for travel.  

I was delightfully surprised at how easy this universal stroller board rolls. The non-slip surface allows for my ease of mind when Kenzie and/or Mason stand on the board and the wheel suspension allows for a smooth ride even over various terrain. The Bumprider is ideal for children 2 to 5 years old and up to 45 pounds. However, if you have smaller children (Kenzie is only 31 pounds and in the 15 percentile at almost 4.5 years old) then you can use it for even a longer duration!
We arrived at the airport and Kenzie happily jumped on the Bumprider. We cruised through security and the stroller folded up with ease even with the Bumprider on it and successfully passed the X-ray check. Since we had some time before boarding, I strolled back and forth through the airport while several people commented on how cool the Bumprider was and inquired where to purchase. I think I'll print up little cards with the pic and purchase link the next time I travel. The Bumprider is also a great toddler seating option when looking out at the planes while waiting to board! Since our first flight was delayed about 30 minutes, we ended up at our layover with minimal time to head to the next gate for boarding. Good thing my Bumprider was waiting as soon as we de-boarded. I got the kids settled and I ran through the Vegas airport. I wanted to take a pic with the crazy slot machines but alas I only made it in time to be the last one boarding. Thank goodness for the Bumprider because Kenzie's little legs would not have made it.

We arrived safely in Florida and my mother strolled around with the kids while I waited for the luggage. This was fruitless because after an hour I had to file a missing baggage report and secure a car seat that I had no idea if it was in a prior accident or not. I highly recommend never checking in the stroller, especially if you have a layover. The bag that we purchased to put the stroller in when gate checked was torn and beaten up. Can you imagine if I checked it all the way through? If you have a direct flight the Bumprider is small enough (only 4.5 pounds) to fit inside your large suitcase to protect it from mishandling.

We received our luggage one full day later and the kids only had to endure one outing while in pajamas I picked up from Target. Check out all the places we went with the Bumprider.... so many different terrains [sand, gravel, pavement, bricks, boardwalk, etc] and the Bumprider handled each well with such a smooth ride that I have been continuously impressed. Everywhere we went, people asked about my Bumprider and I gladly told them the price and where to purchase. No comment on the stroller but just the Bumprider. Who would have thought? It seems to be the best invention around!

Final advice: It's doable - changing a toddler in the teeny bathroom, taking a preschooler to the restroom several times, soothing a cranky toddler to nap on a long flight, keeping both entertained and seated without bugging other passengers, zooming through the airport to barely catch the connection, going crazy when your preschooler says that "It's taking a lonnnnnnnng time" for the 100th time - being a mom means you have superpowers that you never knew you had. Joovy just makes it easier (and cooler) with their Bumprider :)

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  1. What a handy gadget to have when you are traveling with two little ones!

  2. Traveling with kids is stressful no matter how much of a super parent you are. So glad that the Bumprider with you! It is perfect for shuttling around kids who are a little too old for a stroller, but who's legs would otherwise not be up for the long trek.

  3. the bumprider is very cool for kids, especially when they start complaining they are tired or don't want to walk anymore. I love this idea. very helpful for parents.

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