being MVP: How to Detox Your House in 5 Easy Steps #ZerorezSoCal

How to Detox Your House in 5 Easy Steps #ZerorezSoCal

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with ZerorezSoCal. All opinions are my own.

Although you may think that your home is clean, you are most likely mistaken in that there are so many pollutants and bacteria lurking around that are not visible to the naked eye. Although I like to keep a clean house, there are certain things that I can still do to detox my home and I've compiled my 5 easy steps to help start the process.
1.  Wipe down your TV Remote(s) on a daily basis, if you can. The(se) precious piece(s) is/are manhandled and gets bits of food on it, coughed on, shoved into random places and more. Researchers at the University of Virginia found that half of the remote controls tested were positive for cold viruses. Use bleach or an alcohol wipe to banish the bacteria.

2.  Clean rooms and closets well by dusting and vacuuming often to remove surface dust. I've always wondered how there could be layers of dust when we don't even open the windows! Some particles are so small that they can remain in the air even after a good vacuuming. ZerorezSoCal can clean your carpets on a quarterly (or more often) basis to keep the horrid dust mites at bay. 

2 areas cleaned by ZerorezSoCal for only $99
Order today by calling 866-937-6739 
and mention code: Bein08

3.  Don't wear shoes in the house! I grew up in a household where we took our shoes off in the home so I a huge advocate of this. Although I used to take my shoes off in the garage, we currently take our shoes off on the 1st floor so there are still potential areas that can be affected by the stuff trekked in on the bottom of our shoes. I need to find a better remedy but until then, a good thorough wipe down on a semi-daily basis is a start.
4.  Keep your toothbrush dry after use and keep it far from the toilet. I always close the lid to the toilet and try to the keep the door closed so that the germs from the toilet don't go near my toothbrush. However, in cases where you don't have a door in between the toilet and your toothbrush, make sure to keep the lid down because the germs from each flush can linger around for 2 hours in the air before landing on surfaces. Also make sure to replace your toothbrush often - especially when you've been sick. 
5.  Open the windows and let the air circulate throughout your home on a regular basis. I used to think that if I kept all the windows and doors closed at all times, the house would remain cleaner. Little did I know that I was keeping all the toxins, germs and contaminants were being contained inside! It's better to open it up and let your house breathe and detox. 
2 areas cleaned for only $99! Order today by calling 866-937-6739 
and mention code: Bein08

You can get 2 areas (up to 200 sq feet each) of carpet, hardwood, tile and grout and natural stone cleaned with ZerorezSoCal's green "no-residue" process. 

It's a nice treat for yourself (and your house) to get a thorough cleaning on a regular basis with ZerorezSoCal's green cleaning process. Zerorez can clean your entire home as their services include: carpet, upholstery, bathrooms, kitchen surfaces, grout, etc. 

Here’s the official list of what they clean:

ZEROREZ Services
Carpet Cleaning (great on berber!)
Area rug cleaning (incl wool, silk, cotton, Persians)
Upholstery cleaning
Tile and grout cleaning and resealing
Natural stone cleaning (marble, travertine, etc.)
Hardwood clean and buff
Mattress cleaning
Air Ducts and Furnace cleaning
Pet urine removal
Linoleum and vinyl tile cleaning
Counter top cleaning
Shower cleaning
Leather furniture cleaning
Patio decks, garage floors, walkways
Autos, boats, and motorhomes cleaning
Carpet stretch and repair
Commercial facility cleaning

What are you waiting for? It's Spring Cleaning season so start detoxing and call ZerorezSoCal!

2 areas cleaned by ZerorezSoCal for only $99
Order today by calling 866-937-6739 
and mention code: Bein08


  1. Thanks for the tips:) I need to remember these.

  2. Great reminders! As a micro-preemie mom, I'm ALWAYS worried about germs!

  3. Great tips. It does take a while to make it a habit to do any of these, but if you think of the alternative (i.e., aerated particles from flushing), it's a pretty strong motivator to start.

  4. I do some of those things. I keep my toothbrush covered on top of keeping it in the medicine chest. I have hardwood floors, and pets, so there's no reason to even try keeping the floors clean. I have a hard enough time keeping the animals clean!

  5. Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing! And I so need carpet cleaning!

  6. These are such awesome tips! I definitely agree with the opening the windows - some may think more dust and germs would come in, but I always feel like the house is so much cleaner and just better-feeling with some fresh air!


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