being MVP: Easter Basket Ideas for Little Kids @orientaltrading

Easter Basket Ideas for Little Kids @orientaltrading

Disclosure: I received the following from Oriental Trading for review. All opinions are my own.

It's almost Easter and we are headed to an egg hunt this weekend. It's amazing how quickly time flies by when you have children. Kenzie has been itching to peek into the basket fillings since I have been storing the boxes in her closet. Much to her dismay, I have held her off because I have to make it fun for her this year by creating an awesome basket.

When I was growing up I remember receiving these huge store bought baskets that didn't have much inside. It was more for show. I was determined to create an awesome basket this year for the kiddos because Kenzie is so much more aware of the holidays and actually starting to understand the true meanings. Mason is just along for the ride and whatever sister has, he better have a duplicate! Oriental Trading has just the most amazing items for your Easter Baskets as they are affordable and with the huge variety, you can definitely find things to suit your child's likes. 

Rather than the traditional basket, I decided to go with colorful, plastic buckets ($18.50 for a set of 4). The kids can definitely re-purpose these afterwards. I was trying to look for an alternative to Green Easter Grass ($6.25 per dozen) but couldn't find something I really liked so I decided to keep to the tradition and loaded the buckets with this - make sure to completely fluff so get the full effect. I recommend placing a small box on the bottom so that your items will peek out of the bucket. 

How cute and appropriately Easter are these Peeps® Plush Bunnies with Marshmallow bunnies ($10). I grew up with the traditional Peeps and Hubs loves them so I thought the kiddos would as well. It's not huge in size so perfect for little hands to play with and enjoy the small marshmallows. There are so many alternatives to traditional candy and chocolate and Oriental Trading had just the perfect selection: Lamb's Wool Cotton Candy ($9.25/dozen), Easter Animal Cookies ($10.50/dozen), Peter Rabbit™ Jelly Belly® Candy ($16.98/24) and Easter Egg Surprise Lollipops ($12/dozen). 

The baskets were already looking amazing but you can't forget eggs in the basket so I had a bit of traditional and a bit of modern fun. The Bee® Dessert Shop Candy-Filled Easter Eggs ($8.50/dozen) are sweet and with the dessert craze now, fantastic for Easter Baskets. These would even be great as party favors if you are having a sweet shoppe theme. Iridescent Glitter Putty Eggs ($6/dozen) are going to be a huge hit. My kids love to play with anything they can mold but the bonus with these is that it's not quite as messy as dough - score! Stretchable Easter Candy Bunny Bracelets ($2.98/dozen) are the best treats for Easter Baskets because you can hide them inside Carrot Candy containers ($7/dozen) and "hide" them in the grass. Kenzie and Mason both had a fantastic time at Pretend City planting and digging up carrots so this is going to be a great surprise.

The Golden Easter Egg ($3/dozen). When Hubs and I first took Kenzie Easter Egg hunting and we saw the golden egg, we made a mad dash for it because we thought it would hold a fabulous prize. Unbeknownst to us, it was just a simple piece of candy that Kenzie was happy to open and find. I've decided to start the tradition of hiding money inside the golden egg so the kids can treasure it and use it for something they want. Nothing large but special enough for the golden egg status, of course. 

Use glue dots to nicely arrange the items in the basket. Slap a personalized label on the baskets and maybe tie some twine on the handles and you are ready to gift to your little one! Check out how to make your own personalized Easter basket label here
Do you make your own Easter Baskets? What do you usually put in it? Do you get competitive when taking your kids egg hunting? Sadly, I do........

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