being MVP: What Does the American Dream Mean to You? @massmutual

What Does the American Dream Mean to You? @massmutual

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The American Dream has changed for me even in just the past 10 years. When I was growing up, I just wanted to get married, live in a large house, have a 6 figure income and live happily ever after. This seemed reasonable as my parents achieved their American Dream by moving to the US from Korea and giving their children the education and tools necessary to become self-sustaining adults. Fast forward many years and move that dream from Florida to California. I still had the same American Dream while attending law school but after getting engaged and started the hunt for a home during the peak real estate prices, I was sorely disappointed.

We moved into a condo that was almost half a million dollars and it was just 1,000 square feet. We were surviving on one income until I got a job. We had a dog and we were content however it wasn't my American Dream. I now wanted a yard and walk-in closet and more space in general especially after my first child was born. Fast forward another 6 years or so and now we have a second condo with more square footage and a walk-in closet but still no yard for both kids to play in. We make a really healthy income but are still striving for more as we have friends who are making more and have more. The American Dream now is to reach high 6-figure income and live in a multi-million dollar home (as some of our friends do) and be happy without losing ourselves. With smart financial planning and the drive to work toward our current American Dream goal, I hope to be able to reach it in a few years!  

MassMutual's State of the American Family Study shows that American families have become much more involved with their finances and have a higher level of satisfaction as a result. 
  1. 74% of parents believe it's never too early to start saving for their children's college education, especially as tuition costs are constantly on the rise. I started saving for Kenzie when I found out I was pregnant. I put in all my bonuses and monetary gifts into an account for her and would deposit monthly. While I received several scholarships for undergrad and law school, there were still other expenses that my mother paid for. With the higher tuition costs for Ivy League Schools (yes I am hopeful my children will strive for the best) I need to start now and keep on contributing so that they are not burdened with so many loans.
  2. 65% of people believe that financial security for retirement is an individual's responsibility, but only 30% of people feel that they are doing a good job at preparing financially for it. Although I went on weekly shopping trips with my mother growing up, I somehow became really financially responsible as I became an adult and have been saving as much as I can for retirement since. I have a 401k, IRAs and traditional savings. I need to diversify and become more knowledgeable for the future as I am approaching mid-30s. MassMutual offers financial strategies for retirement that I need to look into.    
  3. 7 in 10 Americans say they want to be actively involved in all decisions regarding their finances, yet less than 20% of these people say they are satisfied with their current financial situation. Hubs and I have had separate accounts ever since we were married. The only time we come together is during tax season (yikes it's coming up!). Although we want to achieve the same American Dream, we need to reevaluate how to get our finances sorted to get there together in a smart and well planned manner. MassMutual offers amazing financial tools to educate you to get you on the track for a fantastic future. I love the retirement calculator which shows that I am on track with just my stats. I need to get Hubs on it so we can plan together. 

Although my mother keeps telling me that I don't need to save as much for the children as I do now, I am going to continue on because I know that she still saves for my brother and I to this day. I think the American Dream for my children will be so different than mine because of the technology and lifestyle that will be in place 20 years from now. I remember having a PC with DOS prompt when I was a child. Now we are using tablets and smartphones. I can't imagine how the world will change as they grow up however I will support my children to achieve their American Dream to the fullest. 

To learn how MassMutual can help you achieve your American Dream check out the MassMutual Family Finances study. Gain control of your finances and your future today!


  1. We have been doing a lot of investing and Mass Mutual is one of the places we looked into using. It's so important!

  2. My American Dream was much like yours. I can't even imagine how different it will probably be for our kids when they are older. I'm trying to save for them too,

  3. Hmm..I guess I never really thought about my definition. We save...a lot. I am always SHOCKED with the amount of debt others are in...or how little they save. I have two girls and 3 kids all together. I'm thinking two weddings and college tuition X3. And cars. PHEW! I did a lot of saving when I was a teen and we had a huge down payment on our first house because of it.

  4. I guess I never gave any thought to my real idea of the American Dream. My first priority is saving for retirement and second is my kids. I'm happy that we have no debt but we do not save as much as I'd like to.


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