being MVP: TNT's Private Lives of Nashville Wives Episode 1: Bright Lights, Big City #NashvilleWives

TNT's Private Lives of Nashville Wives Episode 1: Bright Lights, Big City #NashvilleWives

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with TNT. All opinions are my own. 

I love watching reality shows as it is a guilty pleasure of mine. TNT premiered a new show last night - Private Lives of Nashville Wives and I was surprised at how awesome it was. The show takes place in Nashville - the capital of the country music business. It follows a group of accomplished and driven women who juggle family, relationships and society with ease.

The Cast
  • Jenny Terrell is an independent-minded woman and Vice President at a leading Internet company. She is married to JT Terrell, one of Nashville’s top event and party producers. 
  • Erika Page White is a former soap opera star looking to make a comeback after a nine-year hiatus. Married to platinum country music recording artist Bryan White, Erika thinks it’s time to focus on her own career again.
  • Sarah Davidson is married to BMI Award-winning songwriter Dallas Davidson, who has 16 number one hits. Others would be content to be a stay-at-home wife living the good life, but Sarah wants more than anything to establish her own career.
  • Cassie Chapman is married to five-time Grammy-nominated and seven-time Dove Award-winning Christian music artist Gary Chapman, and together the couple is exploring starting their own family. Cassie’s sweetness masks a toughness that comes out when others question their 23-year age difference. 
  • Ana Fernandez and Betty Malo are identical twin sisters. Ana, a single mother of two, would love to find her perfect man, but her highly extroverted personality sometimes works against her. Betty, who is married to Mavericks lead singer and songwriter Raul Malo, hopes to be a calming influence on Ana, with whom she has a sometimes explosive, yet loving relationship.
  • Tina Brady is married to Stan Brady, one of Nashville’s top dentists.  Tina runs his practice while also juggling family and her social calendar.  Other than her husband and kids, Tina’s two loves are her horses and her impressive closet. 

Episode 1: Bright Lights, Big City

The first episode introduces viewers to the six women during  the CMA Music Festival. Sarah is belting out her songs from the get go and practicing for her performance toward the end of the show. She is actually pretty good and with the backing of her amazing songwriter Dallas, she is on track toward success of her own. 

Jenny is going to be one of my favorites because she is an entrepreneur who is busy jugging family life with an equally as ambitious husband. Plus who doesn't know about Living Social? 

Cassie seems nice and hoping to beat the odds of the large gap in her relationship. I want to root for her marriage success but with what I have seen working in the family law field, she is definitely working against the normal trend. 

Ana and Betty are hilarious especially when they are moving the pig. I mean, I love bacon too but I would never think to go out and get my own pig! I can't wait to follow them during the season as I have always wanted a twin myself.

I am rooting for this show because it seems sooooo wholesome. The group gathering and impromptu performance at Puckett's is as down home as it gets. And yes I did want to eat some ribs in bed at 10 p.m. and shoot watermelons with a gun. Definitely a show worth watching.

Make sure to tune into Private Lives of Nashville Wives on Monday nights at 10/9c on TNT. For additional information and videos on the show, visit 
Tweet along with me (I'm Pacific time) using the hashtag #NashvilleWives. 


  1. I love these kinds of shows! Sounds fun!

  2. This sounds like a good girly show. I love their clothes.

  3. I need to watch this!! TOTALLY up my alley!

  4. Oh my. Ok, how did I miss this? This better be on in Canada, looks great! Thank you for sharing this so I didn't miss out! :D

  5. Awesome, I'll have to check it out! Thanks :)

  6. Sounds Like A Great Show Must Watch!


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