being MVP: Teaching your Preschooler to Read #ReadingEggsUS #AD

Teaching your Preschooler to Read #ReadingEggsUS #AD

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Reading Eggs.

My mother has been questioning whether Kenzie can read her books and I proudly say that she has memorized her favorite books. I have also been researching whether to send her to kindergarten early because she was born after the admittance requisites for this fall. However, when I saw that the testing required Kenzie to know how to read at a 2nd grade level for admittance to early kindergarten, I started panicking. So I decided I must teach Kenzie how to read and was excited that Reading Eggs made it fun.

My brother and I go through books like an ice cream cone. We can spend an entire day just reading. He used to read the encyclopedia while in the bathroom when we were kids. I can easily complete a book in a night after the kids have gone to bed. I really should borrow from the library rather than buying brand new books to save on cost because I literally breeze through so many books. I have forced instilled this love of books in my children because they have an enviable library that just keeps on growing. I try to read to them all the time and even when they lose attention, I keep reading out loud.

The Reading Eggs program makes learning to read engaging and fun for kids. I think mostly because it involves technology and children nowadays are so quick. Kenzie didn't take the test and started at the beginning because she does not yet have any reading skills. This program is nice because you can adjust it to your child's skill level and advance from there. There are reading games, activities and over 1000 eBooks online! 

I love using this program with Kenzie because not only does it further her education and strengthens core reading skills, we can bond over a fun learning activity. What's really nice is that she can learn at her own pace and not feel pressured to reach a certain level. This is a wonderful companion to the lessons she is learning in preschool. There are also lesson which teach your child how to write the letters but since Kenzie already knows how to write the alphabet, it was fun for her to "write" on the computer. The only problem she has is trying to fight Mason for computer time! Mason follows along with repeating the words :)

There are lessons for your child (ages 3-7) to complete towards their progress of reading. Reading Eggspress is perfect for those 7-8 years old who already have basic reading skills down pat but still can improve upon writing, spelling and comprehension. 

Reading Eggs is also hosting the Read to Cure Challenge to raise funds for the National Children's Cancer Society to improve the quality of life for children with cancer. Their goal is $25,000 and all the money will help provide financial, emotional and educational support for these families. 

Your children can get involved and help by signing up for a FREE 5 week trial of Reading Eggs (no credit card required) and be sponsored by friends and family for reading books and completing lessons. There are also 6 PRIZES up for grabs: 3 for the most money raised in the Read to Cure and 3 for the most books and lessons completed.  

  • The giveaway will be open on Monday, January 20 and end Friday March 7, 2014.
  • One winner will be selected to receive one (1) iPad Mini valued at $299.99,
  • To enter the giveaway, entrants must register and activate the 5-week free trial on the Reading Eggs website between 1/20/2014 to 3/7/2014 with their name, child’s name and postal address.
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Reading Eggs.

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