being MVP: Megabloks: 1-2-3 Learning Train @megabloks

Megabloks: 1-2-3 Learning Train @megabloks

Disclosure: I received the following product for review from Mega Bloks.  Nevertheless, all opinions are 100% my own.

My kids are building pros thanks to Mega Bloks and they were excited to build with the 1-2-3 Learning Train ($19.99).  This is perfect for children ages 1-5 and is also a teaching tool in addition to fun. There are 44 First Builders blocks, three wheel bases, three building plates and stickers. I had to place the stickers onto the blocks for the kids while they started building.

I love how large the Mega Bloks are for younger children to grasp and build with. These are also easily visible and the colors are attractive for youngsters. The 1-2-3 Learning Train is great because the children love watching train shows on tv and also have a train table so Mason know how to say choo choo. Kenzie was busy building the train station and tried to help Mason build his train. Mason LOVES the wheel bases sans bloks on top and even gave Kenzie the look when she tried to play with one. He was pushing them independently as well as hooked together. He prefers them separately and even races them by himself!

It's fun watching children develop different skills from just playing with simple bloks and the interaction of how the two different ages play. Mason can stack the bloks but it takes a little bit more time for him to match them up. He also enjoys knocking down Kenzie's creations when they are complete. Kenzie, on the other hand, enjoys building high buildings until all the bloks are used. She also makes sure that every creation is uniform.

We have Mega Bloks all over the house as well as at the inlaws. You can easily combine sets for so much more fun. Mega Bloks are perfect for young builders and it's great to build your child(ren)'s collection since they are amazingly affordable!

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  1. This is so cute all my kids loved to play with blocks and especially trains so what a way to combine both!

  2. This looks like so much fun to play with! My youngest grandson would love counting the numbers on the bloks!

  3. If your child enjoys that set and stays interested in model trains, you can always get him or her a more "legitimate" train set in the future.
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