being MVP: {Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Pretend City Fun

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Pretend City Fun

Disclosure: I received entrance tickets from Pretend City. All opinions are my own.
Kenzie went to Pretend City with her preschool for a field trip a couple of weeks ago. She has been asking to go back so when I told her I would take her when Hubs went to NY, she was elated. I took her several times when she was an infant, 1 and 2 years old. However, after Mason was born I haven't taken them so this was a treat.

Kenzie knew her way around and showed me around the little city for children like a great guide. February's theme is exploring health with FREE dental cleanings on Tuesday, February 18th from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. 

"Visit the museum first and role play in the dentist office to help your child feel comfortable. The free screening of your little one’s teeth, gums and mouth provided by the doctors from South OC Pediatrics will be a great way to take little steps towards visiting the dentist office."

Mason joined in on the fun after a 30 minute nap and both were tirelessly playing in the play kitchen. Mason had a grand ole time playing in the bathtub however one of the faucet handles came off! The wet fishing adventure was (not so fun for me) a blast. Good thing there were 2 little raincoats to keep them semi-dry. The fishing poles were lost in a minute and hands were dunked into the water to reach for the fish. 

The art studio was fun but Mason got a wee bit upset when I wouldn't let him paint. Kenzie waited an hour for a princess dress to free up for the stage but once I found her one, she got stage fright and wouldn't perform. 

I highly recommend requesting lunch items from the Cafe to be put on hold early on as quantity is limited. I ordered a salad, mac&cheese and fruit. It was only $10 so a great deal! 

When I tried leaving around 1:00 p.m. to get them down for nap time, Kenzie cried and tugged at my arms to stay. I felt bad but being a single parent with a cranky Mason, I had to scurry her out the door with a promise that we would return soon.

Pretend City Children's Museum

29 Hubble
Irvine, CA 92618
Monday 10 am- 1pm
Tuesday - Sunday 10 am - 5pm
Infants to 8 years old

There are constant events happening at Pretend City so make sure to check them out and if you are in the area, it is awesome to get a membership. Hours and hours of fun to be had and Hubs promised that we would stay the entire day on our next visit!  

Check out more pics from the day on my Instagram feed :)


  1. What an amazing place for the kids! I wish there was one like that where I live!

  2. I wish we lived near this place! My grandsons would have SO much fun in there!


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