being MVP: Spaghetti & Teriyaki Meatballs {Recipe}

Spaghetti & Teriyaki Meatballs {Recipe}

Spaghetti & Teriyaki Meatballs
Serving Size: 6

  • 8 oz Anthony's Angel Hair
  • 18 Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs (either frozen or homemade)
  • 24 oz pasta sauce (I used a garlic pasta sauce)
  • 1 jumbo yellow onion
  • 3 oz Baby Bella Sliced Crimini Mushrooms
  • 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar
  • 2 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • Fresh Basil 


1.   Heat up olive oil in a large pan.
2.   Chop onion and saute in olive oil until almost translucent.
3.   Add in meatballs and cook on medium heat for about 8 minutes. 
4.   Add mushrooms and cook for 2 minutes. 
5.   Add brown sugar and past sauce and let simmer on low.

6.   Fill a large pot with water and bring to a boil. Add in the angel hair and cook for about 5 minutes while stirring occasionally. This pasta is amazing in that you don't need to add any salt or oil to keep it from sticking. Turn off the heat and strain water.

7.   Toss pasta with sauce. Add a few basil leaves and serve.


  1. Voted for you! Hope you win :)

  2. I voted! Now I'm craving spaghetti. Awesome recipe! :D


  3. I voted...hope you win. Sounds delicious!

  4. Good luck! I wish I could vote but I don't have facebook.

  5. Voted for you, good luck! :)

  6. Voted (#777 - I think - your vote tally flipped up to #778 almost simultaneously!) and I thank you for the delicious sounding recipe - which I can't wait to try!)

    We live in a big university town - so we have all kind of different and ethnic restaurants (popular as long as the prices aren't too high and the portions are HUGE!) Anyway, there used to be this kind of "Pan-Asian-Japanese" Noodle House that served an almost addictive (and weirdly named dish called) Thai Teriyaki Spaghetti. It was SO good (the sauce was kind of sweet and I think the meatballs might have been made with ground pork?) It was so good - and since the place closed, we really miss it.

    Your recipe sounds even better (and healthier) and I can't wait to try it! (Love the addition of Crimini Mushrooms!) Hope you win - and Happy New Year!

    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

  7. voted! The food looks amazing! Thanks

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  11. Hmmm I've never had spaghetti with teriyaki meatballs....looks amazing though :)

  12. Anthony's must be regional because I have never seen it before, but this recipe looks so different and awesome! Would love to try it!

  13. I am making this but with vegetarian meatballs. Thank you for this recipe.

  14. My husband loves teriyaki chicken so I bet he would LOVE this!

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  16. This looks super delicious, I gotta try it!

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  18. Oooh what a great twist on the original spaghetti and meatballs!! My hubby loves teriyaki so we will have to try this!


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