being MVP: Bringing the Luxe Hotel Feel to Your Home @FRETTEhome

Bringing the Luxe Hotel Feel to Your Home @FRETTEhome

This is a partnered post.  All opinions are 100% mine.

I love traveling and staying in hotels because the 5 star rooms are always fresh and modern. My favorite is sleeping on the beds because they are always laden with fluffy pillows and bedding piled so high that bouncing up and down on them seems sinful. 

You can recreate this serene hotel setting at home with Frette. Frette is the leading provider of luxury linens to the finest hotels and homes worldwide. The patterns are simple yet made with the highest quality Egyptian cotton. The Triplo Bourdon design (pictured above) features three rows of rigorous line embroidery running around the edges of the bedding. This set is on my wish list! The result is so clean and fresh that you will definitely be revived after a soothing sleep.

If you are looking for something with subtle color, the New York Uptown Bordo is perfect. Finely woven with tracings of spirographic lotus blossoms, the design picks up on New York's immaculate taste and ability to blend cultures, providing a benchmark for modern urban style. It's on sale right now!

The ultimate luxe hotel feel can be found in the Luxury Prestige which is inspired by the interiors of stylish locations around the world. Made from shimmering mixed silk, the design features Art Deco interlocking circle motifs, picking up on Chinese declinations of Art Deco, still on view in iconic hotels. Swoon!

In addition to beautiful bedding, Frette also offers super plush towels, robes and soaps. I'm not really a robe person but just even from the photos, I want to lazily lounge in one, sans kids, and relax.  

You can find everything you need at Frette for the full 5 star hotel experience such as candles, slippers, pillows, blankets and more.

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  1. I really like the clean simple lines of the sheets.

  2. I'd love to have that super plush bath robe! Looks so soft!

  3. i totally agree about the bedding and so would get this too!

  4. I love the robe! always love a kushie robe!


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