being MVP: Tis' the Season: To Be Healthy @MinuteClinic #MC

Tis' the Season: To Be Healthy @MinuteClinic #MC

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CVS MinuteClinic. I received promotional items as a thank you for participating.

I can't believe this year is whizzing by and I am in preparations for Kenzie's Christmas birthday! It's imperative that she and Mason stay healthy to celebrate gleefully during the holidays so I make sure they are up to date on their immunizations. It seems that Kenzie is constantly sick because she attends preschool and I see kids there wiping their runny noses with their hands, then playing.

Kenzie got her flu shot last month which was accompanied by a flood of tears and forced limping while Mason was a trooper and his cries ended about 2 minutes after the intruding needle. Mason is due for his 2nd appointment for the flu shot this week (I forgot that it came in two doses for younger tots!) and I have been pestering Hubs that we need to get ours as well.

We have always trusted CVS to get our prescriptions and random snacks. While waiting for the prescriptions to fill or after picking up cold-cough and flu essentials during this winter season, you can check out the MinuteClinic. The MinuteClinic is a walk-in clinic located in select CVS/pharmacy stores in 28 states and DC. They are open 7 days a week with evening hours and you don't need an appointment! How neat is it that you do not have to wait for an appointment at your doctor's office during work hours (for me) for a check up and diagnosis! It seems that the worst of the symptoms usually occur after work hours and I dread calling the on call doctor because the only options are to head to the emergency room or wait until the morning to make an appointment, not to mention the high costs even with insurance.

Now there is a fantastic alternative that is convenient and affordable and without an appointment needed. Board-certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants can diagnose, treat and prescribe (where appropriate) for a variety of common family illnesses. At the MinuteClinic you can also get a wide range of vaccinations for children, adolescents, teens and adults including flu, pertussis (whopping cough - very important when you have infants - I had the entire family get this right when Kenzie was born), meningitis and others. It truly is one stop shopping as you can get your diagnosis and pick up the medication right there! 

Do you have questions on if you have a cold or the flu? Find answers to how long a cold lasts, how to prevent a cold and how to treat a cold that's already developed HERE

Make sure to connect with MinuteClinic on Twitter!

Where do you go when someone is sick during closed doctor's office hours? Do you regularly get your flu shot annually? 


  1. love my local CVS minute clinic so convenient!

  2. love that you do not need an appt and its more cost efficient than doctor visits! i have to check this out!

  3. I seen the advertisement for that. I will definitely be remembering this later in the evening when the doctor's office is closed.

  4. That's a helpful chart figuring out if it's the flu or just a cold. I'm hoping my family stays healthy this winter!

  5. If our doctors is close I usually go to an urgent care. I do after hour pediatrics for my son. I have never personally gotten the flu shot. I've never had the flu either!

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