being MVP: Holiday Gift Guide: Gumdrop Cases #HGG #XmasTrio13 @gumdropcases

Holiday Gift Guide: Gumdrop Cases #HGG #XmasTrio13 @gumdropcases

Disclosure: I was sent the following phone case for review from Gumdrop. All opinions are 100% my own!

Cell phones are pricey especially when getting the latest technology. It is devastating when the screen cracks because there is not adequate protection. That happened to me 2 months ago after I got my phone. I had to pay $140 to get a new screen which is still wonky. Had I spent the extra $40 for a good case, I would probably have the extra money in my wallet. Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago and Hubs cracked his screen.

Let's just say that the Drop Tech Case from Gumdrop Cases ($39.95) is securely holding the screen in place until Hubs decides to replace it. He does find it bulky but hasn't taken it off yet. I think it looks rugged which in turns means protection against drops and spills.

Shock absorption, drop protection, extreme ruggedness and hard-core readiness for all adventures. The Drop Tech Series Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 specifically conforms to the shape of the Galaxy S4 and offers multi-layer protection, making it one of toughest and most durable Galaxy S4 cases on the market.


  • Complete security for the Galaxy S4, including screen and port covers
  • Dual material construction for multiple layers of shock absorption
  • Reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners
  • Includes integrated screen cover

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Being MVP received one or more of the products mentioned above for free for evaluation purposes. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials In Advertising. Being MVP Disclosure.


  1. This case looks like it provides great protection. I need something like this on my phone in case I drop it.

  2. My mother just got the galaxy 4 and has been looking for something like this! i am going to let her know about it! awesome!

  3. This case seems to very be sturdy and protective enough for my hubbys new phone.

  4. I need to get something like this for my phone. I have nothing protecting it and my son has dropped it several times!

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