being MVP: Alternative Holiday Dishes @wholefoodslbc

Alternative Holiday Dishes @wholefoodslbc

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market Long Beach.

I love Whole Foods and am addicted to their Thai Carrot Ginger soup after several coworkers have been raving about it! Since we are hosting Christmas this year, I checked out Dressing Rehearsal on Monday night at Whole Foods Long Beach (6550 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, California 90803) where they featured alternative holiday dishes.

Upon walking into the store I immediately noticed that there was a station offering Prime Rib sandwiches for only $5! We've had prime rib for the holidays in the past but although it's my Hubs' favorite, I am partial to ham so Kenzie and I went to search for more stations. 

The busiest station was the Cheese and Wine setup of course. These was a line and Kenzie and I patiently waited our turn. I was impressed by the selections and Kenzie approved. We will definitely be having a fabulous selection of cheese from Whole Foods at our holiday party this year. 

One station that had delicious aromas came from the coffee setup but since it was the evening, I decided to forego the sampling since I am super sensitive to caffeine and usually limit myself to one cup (if that) in the morning. Since my inlaws and mother are coffee lovers, it will be nice to gift them some beans as a stocking stuffer

Kenzie's favorite station was next - the dessert table. They were featuring the classic yule log and pumpkin log. Kenzie devoured the pumpkin log and wanted more! These are traditional and we will be picking one up for Kenzie's birthday/Christmas dinner. The cake is moist yet light and will be a great alternative to a traditional birthday cake I was planning on picking up for her. 

We then headed towards the food bar to pick up dinner and on the way found another station. They were featuring Stuffing & Brie Croquettes drizzled with Red Eye Bourbon Turkey Gravy and a side of Wasabi Nori Vegan Mashed Potatoes. While Kenzie wasn't fond of the croquette, I found it delicious! Check out the recipes below if you want to prepare for the holidays. 

What kind of alternative holiday dishes do you prepare? Someone always seems to bring duck to the party which is a bit odd plus we have some traditional Korean sides as well. Christmas is in a week - it's time to start preparing!

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  1. I wonder if my local whole foods does this! this is great! the alternative is our peruvian side of the family brings papas a la huancaina! you should try it delish!

  2. I wonder if my local whole foods does this! this is great! the alternative is our peruvian side of the family brings papas a la huancaina! you should try it delish!

  3. I would have loved the cheese and wine and dessert table! i love whole foods! Our alternative dishes is pork! we make a whole pig due to our latin background!

  4. Those are great recipes listed above! I haven't shopped at a Whole Foods lately because there isn't one near me. I wish it was closer!

  5. I love these recipes - I want the croquettes!!! I don't really have any alternative dishes, I've been looking around at whole foods more, and getting new ideas - so I'd like to try them first before I serve them to anyone else.

  6. Most Thai restaurants in the US will provide menus that include descriptions of each dish. Some may also show dishes written in Thai and/or a phonetic English pronunciation of the Thai name.comfort food


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