being MVP: Sick of Doing Chores? Have Someone Else Do Them for You + Giveaway! #HelpwithChores #sponsored

Sick of Doing Chores? Have Someone Else Do Them for You + Giveaway! #HelpwithChores #sponsored

This post is a sponsored campaign with Those Media Girls and Chores Market. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Chores Market is an online marketplace where you get your chores done by qualified, skilled people who you or your friends already know and at a fraction of the price! At Chores Market, you never have to hire anyone that you or your friends do not know and your chores are done quickly, easily and successfully - guaranteed and covered by a five-day warranty!

The concept is pretty simple. Chores Market turns those everyday tasks into opportunities for neighbors to help neighbors. Whether you’re looking for a little extra work, or looking to check a task off your to-do list, Chores Market is your place to get things done. You can hire someone that you are connected to, ask for a referral for the person you are planning on hiring, pay via credit card directly into the helping hands' bank account (no illegal workers here), and no extra agency fees. 

This is a safe and convenient place for you to find extra help especially when there seems to be no extra hours of the day, seems to be a great system. The chore I dislike is cleaning. I am the sort that will pay extra to have the inside of the fridge cleaned and organized. Hubs used to do it when we were first married (after much procrastination) but has slacked off after having kids. House cleaning is one area that is a must have splurge that we will not forfeit. 

Painting is another chore that would be a great find as Hubs and I do not have these skills. Just terrible in that a small bathroom paint job ended up with blue tape still around some borders after 2 years. Through Chores Market you can post a chore that you can do or search for a chore you want done. It's pretty simple and a mutual win-win.

You can even find helping hands for things such as errand runner, pet sitter and driver. Yes please to the driver! I hate driving in just ridiculous traffic!

What "chore" do you need done or what would you need helping hands for? Follow along with #HelpwithChores on Twitter to see what others are saying!

Make sure to connect with Chores Market on Facebook and Twitter!

Enter to Win a $50 VISA Gift Card to get a head start on your holiday shopping!


  1. I would love to find someone to do a deep clean on my kitchen and bathrooms. That would be really nice!

  2. I need help deep cleaning my kitchen

  3. I need my back deck powerwashed!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  4. Hello All , Thanks for all the information. Please post a chore on Chores Market and start getting these chores done


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