being MVP: Huggable Melodies: Picked-On Poindexter

Huggable Melodies: Picked-On Poindexter

My cousin received Huggable Melodies for review with her daughter, Ashlynn, and here are her thoughts.

As soon as we received plush Poindexter the Frog, I realized my mistake.  I should have ordered two frogs because Poindexter was so charming that my two children both fell in love with him immediately.  I had my daughter in mind when I first saw Poindexter because of the accompanying app that teaches children about bullying.  Luckily, during the time that my daughter is at kindergarten during the day, my son has been getting plenty of one on one time with Poindexter.  My 22 month old loves to snuggle our new 13” friend from Huggable Melodies, although he is too young to understand the message in the story about bullying.  He wanted to take Poindexter out in the stroller for our morning walk and he was excited to ‘share’ his sippy cup and his cereal with the frog while out for our stroll.  He even wanted to take his huggable friend with him to bed for nap time and he was pretending to share his bottle of milk with Poindexter.  As he gets older, he will be able to get more out of the digital book and its lesson.

Since my daughter started school, we have been having a lot of conversations about other children being mean and teasing.  My daughter is very quiet and shy and she has difficulty standing up for herself in situations where another child is being unkind or unfair.  She is a ninja turtle for Halloween this year and she has developed quite an obsession with the ninja turtles recently.  She came home from kindergarten the other day upset about a situation where she wanted to read a ninja turtle book that she had found in the classroom library and two boys took the book away from her and were hiding it from her so she couldn't read it.  The boys were teasing her saying that ninja turtles are only for boys.  I asked her if she had told the teacher about what had happened and she of course had not.  So I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the Picked-On Poindexter app that goes along with her plush frog.  The interactive book app teaches children strategies to combat bullying that they encounter.  The app is compatible with iPad and Kindle.  

My daughter loves using the iPad and was excited to see the 26 page interactive digital book that features her lovable companion Poindexter in charming illustrations. The book has adorable songs such as ‘The Bully Rap’ and ‘Don’t Fit In’ that are designed to help your child navigate through life’s challenges.  I don’t expect my daughter’s teacher to be able to step in for every little conflict that arises with so many children in the classroom to keep track of.  In the story, Poindexter goes to school and encounters a bully in the cafeteria who is teasing him about the red spots on his skin and his blue feet.  My daughter is able to relate to the characters and the message in the story and she was excited when I showed her ways that she can interact with the book such as making birds fly and making other things move.  I am happy that my daughter will be able to build her confidence and it’s nice to know that Huggable Melodies will donate a portion of their sales profits to anti bullying organizations.

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  1. Cute! I love that the frog comes with the book. My kids would like this.

  2. Sounds like a great app. Bullying is such a sad thing for kids to go through. I wish no kids had to go through it.

  3. Ahhh feeding a bottle to Poindexter, so cute!

  4. This looks like a great idea. I wish they had this kind of thing when we were kids!

  5. My grandson loves whenever a book comes with a plush! He would enjoy this!

  6. i love that proceeds go to an anti-bullying organization, no kid deserves to be picked on so this is great!

  7. this is a cute and great toy! i always try to tell parents dont genderize products because any sex can like a particular game/show/etc!


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