being MVP: The Gift That Keeps on Giving and Capturing Milestones Along the Way with the Lowest Price Rate Plan

The Gift That Keeps on Giving and Capturing Milestones Along the Way with the Lowest Price Rate Plan

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I used to enjoy Black Friday shopping when Hubs and I first got married. The excitement of waking up early (or staying up late) to rushing the crowds to make it in the line to get one of the extra sale items. However, as the years passed, the opening hours seemed to creep closer to Thanksgiving dinner time as well as people lining up in front of stores days/weeks beforehand. There are deals to be found without sacrificing precious family time so this year I headed to Walmart to check out the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited plans. I had to go to 3 stores before finding one in stock. I didn't realize how popular these Samsung Galaxy phones with no contracts were! 

My mother in law has been asking for a smartphone for some time now. The reason why she hasn't gotten one is because her sons do not have the patience to teach her how to use it. I want to surprise her this year with a cheap wireless plan that would allow her to learn how to use the smartphone without tying me down to a contract. The Samsung Galaxy smartphone is fantastic as both Hubs and I have just switched over recently. The Walmart Family Mobile plan allows you to get a great smartphone at a low cost with affordable, unlimited service without a contract. This is a great holiday gift even for your children as they would have the reliability and safety of a great phone but at a low cost to you as the parent. 

I am so excited to wrap this up and have the kids gift it to grandma on Christmas morning. I will take the time to show her how to take photos of the kids and email/text them to me throughout the day. Although I am most grateful that my mother in law is in good health to watch Mason (and Kenzie when she was an infant), I am sad that I miss many firsts since I am at work. I missed the kids' first steps! I am super happy that due to Walmart's lowest price rate plan, she will be able to capture many moments for me as well as make her tech savvy along the way.

Hopefully if this goes well, I will have to get my mother who is in FL on the plan too! What's great is that it's easy to access online account management and information to keep up to date and check on everything related to your phone lines. The no contract $40 a month unlimited plan is awesome and very affordable to gift our family without being tied down to a 2 year plan. 

Do you know anyone that would love a cheap wireless plan with no commitment for the holidays? If so, I definitely recommend checking out Walmart's unlimited wireless plans!   


  1. My best friend and her husband have these phones through Walmart and love it! So much cheaper!

  2. That is so sweet of you to do! I love my galaxy!

  3. I love that there is no contract for this plan! I hate being stuck in a contract with so many rules and regulations.

  4. i love the no contract and unlimited everything for that price, makes me want to change bc our bill is crazy expensive!

  5. wow that is an amazing gift! your mom would love it! great price and awesome service!

  6. This is really an affordable plan. I'm sure your mother in law loved the gift. Can't wait to see your next post. #client

  7. Can't wait to hear what Grandma thought of her gift! #client


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