being MVP: Cozy Duo in Joovy CocoonX2 @joovy

Cozy Duo in Joovy CocoonX2 @joovy

Oh how I love Joovy products and they have just hit my sweet spot with the CocoonX2. It's a 3-in-1: double stroller, jogger and bicycle trailer. When it arrived for review, I hauled it upstairs to assemble immediately. It was pretty much assembled and I just had to pop on the wheels and the handlebar and it was almost ready to ride. Since the Joovy Cocoon wheels are rubber, similar to bike tires, they needed to be filled (at the gas station) before taking out for a ride. It was my first attempt at using the air machine and it wasn't so bad - took mere minutes to inflate the tires to capacity.

This is the most unique stroller in that it encloses your children in a cocoon which protects them from the elements. While it is sturdy in materials and hefty in weight, it is easily maneuverable with just one hand. We had planned a trip to the apple orchards on the weekend that the Joovy CocoonX2 arrived so I packed it in the trunk and off we went to the mountains. Hubs did complain that it took up the entire trunk space of his MDX but I thought it fit fine with extra room on top for our shopping bags. Note that it will not fit the trunk of a smaller vehicle such as my CrossTrek (I really didn't factor in trunk space when I recently purchased it). 

I was impressed at how well the Joovy CocoonX2 handled the bumpy hills where the apple orchards were. The ride was smooth for the kids when we rolled down the hill from the parked car to the orchards on the side of the road. The weather was really nice with slightly cooler air since we were up in the mountain area. We had to wait a bit in line for apple picking and thank goodness for the CocoonX2 because the kids had a comfortable place to sit and hang out while enjoying a bit of apple cider.  

I want to first and foremost address the ventilation. I had heard that tots seem to overheat while riding in the Joovy Cocoon stroller because of inadequate ventilation. The huge, front zippered mesh window actually allows for wonderful air flow. Although it was sunny, the kiddos remained sweat free. If you want additional air flow, you can even unzip the back storage area pocket which reveals the open mesh seating. I don't see how any child cannot get enough ventilation with such an expanse of air circulation. If necessary or wanted, you can even roll up the entire window and leave it open. When the weather gets a bit more chilly or at night, I can lower the cover and the kids are protected from the wind on their delicate faces and they don't have to be bundled up to their necks restricting their movement. 

The Joovy CocoonX2 can accommodate 2 children up to 100 lbs in total weight.  If I lost some major weight, I could probably squeeze myself in and have Hubs push me around! Mason and Mackenzie both enjoy climbing into the Joovy and enjoy the closeness that siblings at this share without fighting. There is plenty of legroom and nice pockets inside where they can place random toys or snacks. The 5-point harness is easy to adjust and keeps the kiddos secure when we are cruising quickly. Kenzie doesn't like to wear it as much because she is busy getting in and out but Mason seems content in looking around from inside the fabulous Cocoon.    

As I mentioned above, these wheels are made for adventure. The full size 20" pneumatic rear wheels allow for smooth suspension on even the bumpiest terrains. These are seriously huge and awesome. The smaller swivel front wheels easily rotate without sticking and allow for superior maneuvering. You can pop these front wheels off in a jiffy and attach the fixed jogging wheel or bicycle trailer attachment. I am dying for the jogging wheel so I can get myself moving with the kids in tow. Jiggle needs to get tone this winter!

I think this would be the ideal stroller to take along when you are on a shopping mission because the space in the back is amazing. It is deep and your stuff won't fall out. You can even fill it to the top and zipper it closed to keep it secure. How fantastic is this? No having to reach in between the bars or through the sides to store your belongings. No more dangling bags that hit you while you stroll. Everything is right in your reach yet protected from falling out.

If you are worried about what mischief the kiddos are getting into when it's a wee bit too quiet, you can just peer through the huge vinyl window. I love this feature because I didn't know why the kids were being so quiet and behaved (I admit that they aren't perfect) so I just rolled back the window and took a peek. Lo and behold, they were just super excited to look out at their surroundings from inside the Joovy CocoonX2!

One accessory that I have raved about is the parent organizer for the Joovy Caboose Too. I was excited that there was a parent organizer for the CocoonX2 in the same neoprene material and it's just as amazing, if not more. This attaches to the adjustable handebar (yes it accommodates both the tall and short) with velcro. It stretches - in a good way - and you can store pretty much everything you need to access on the go. It is even durable enough to hold two large bags of freshly picked apples!

This is another fabulous product from Joovy. It's well thought out and designed for families who want a multi-function stroller that can transition from a daily stroll to an active lifestyle in mere minutes. It's even a great babysitter while organizing shelving and boxes in the garage as well as a shopping cart on a walking trip to the market. 

The fold is almost flat and can be stored even in a small dwelling. You can opt for the single or double rider Cocoon. Even if you have one child, the extra space in the CocoonX2 is perfect for a stuffed friend or even a real friend. Overall, I love using it as my main stroller although Hubs loves the Caboose Too :)

Buy It:  You can purchase the Joovy CocoonX2 for $529.02 with free shipping and Stroller Parent Organizer for $39.99.

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