being MVP: HABA: Hound Leo Play Set

HABA: Hound Leo Play Set

I love HABA toys and am excited to introduce you to a fun toy for your wee little pet lover.  Kenzie received the Hound Leo Play Set for review and it is just perfect for her imaginative play.  This set comes with a plush dog, plush bone, velour blanket and melamine bowl.  

The size of this toy dog set was smaller than I imagined but perfect for Kenzie's small hands.  She immediately was drawn to Leo and proceeded to feed him his and then take him to her makeshift tent for bedtime.  On other days she likes to mother him and make sure that he is burped and snuggled.  There are no small parts that would be a hazard which is a great relief because even Mason tries to get some quality time in with Leo when Kenzie isn't watching.   

Since our first "child" Lucky is at the inlaws home due to our lack of space and yard, it is nice for Kenzie to play with her dog Leo at home.  She is oftentimes hot and cold on liking Lucky but with Leo, she is always caring and showers him with lots of kisses.  Don't worry if your pet gets dirty during playtime because this set is easily washable - a definite plus!  

Cat lovers don't fret because HABA offers the Cat Lucy Play Set.

Play Set Cat Lucy • Ages 18 months+ • $20
What a purr-fect playmate! Soft and smiling Lucy comes with her own basket when it's time for a cat nap.  But one ear is always on alert for the squeak of the long-tailed mouse. Play cat and mouse or just hang on the bed with this three-piece play set made of touchable velour and polyester.

Play Set Hound Leo • Ages 18 months+ • $20
Is it ruff-ruff or woof woof? Either way, Leo the hound dog is awaiting an owner to play fetch or just cuddle as he rests on his soft blanket. A make-believe water bowl and bone is included in this sweet play set for toddlers ready to adopt a fur-friend.

Buy It:  You can purchase the Hound Leo Play Set for $19.99.

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  1. Too cute! My niece would love the dog one

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  2. I'd never heard of this brand before, but I LOVE that cute little dog! My son is obsessed with wanting a pet, but we can't have one where we live. This might just be the perfect thing to keep him happy. :)

  3. Aw they are just adorable. My granddaughters would love them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. this is adorable! this would be a great thing for me to get for my two year old- he loves his baby doll and is so gentle with her most of the time, and i think something like this could help him learn to be more gentle with our dog & cat! (he is amazingly sweet & gentle with them when he wants to be, too, but this might help it be more of the norm! :D ) thanks for the review!

  5. That is so adorable! My daughter would love that!

  6. This is adorable and would make an awesome Christmas present!

  7. Love this little guy! He is just so adorable.

  8. This is the cutest play set! My grandson would adore the doggie!


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