being MVP: First Tea Party with Friends #CadburyHighTea

First Tea Party with Friends #CadburyHighTea

Who doesn't love a party?  Especially one involving fancy hats and ice cream? When the box full of fascinators, hats and tea set was opened, Kenzie peeked inside and was full of surprise.  She immediately grabbed a hat and asked if we were going to have a party.  I exclaimed yes - an Ice Cream Tea Party!  Kenzie was amped for a couple of weeks while I tried to coordinate mommy and friends schedules.  However, due to it being summer and vacations, the party was a bit limited in persons who could enjoy the celebration as several infants came over as well. Nevertheless, everyone was giddy in wearing the hats and enjoying delicious and creamy Cadbury® Blue Bunny Ice Cream bars!

The tea set was a hit as Kenzie knew immediately to sip tea and pour tea for her friends.  I was hoovering as I didn't want any broken cups!  Onto party time with the ice cream and they first enjoyed the Cadbury® Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream Bars.  I love the snack size - 8 bars to a box - perfect for little tot hands.  Guess who made the most mess?  

After the potluck, they asked for more and the adults and children chose their favorite bars from the following selections: Cadbury® Vanilla Chocolate, Cadbury®  English Toffee, Cadbury®  Caramello and Cadbury® Royal Dark.  I love the smooth - melt in your mouth - chocolate shell with creamy ice cream inside.  The Royal Dark is just amazing and who can resist the English Toffee?  I have always been a fan of Cadbury® chocolates and after trying these delicious samples, I will been perusing the ice cream aisle for these ice cream bars.  

The party guests took their selected hats (even the mommies received one) so that they can continue the partying at home. Kenzie likes to wear her fascinator and hat on different occasions and has asked when her next tea party will be.  I told her that we can buy more Cadbury® ice cream bars and invite her friends over for a tea party.        

Connect with Blue Bunny:

Thanks to Cadbury Ice Cream Bars and MommyParties for a wonderful party!!
Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to host a Cadbury Ice Cream Bars by Blue Bunny® Party through MommyParties.  I received a party kit to share with my guests for review. All opinions, photos, and experiences are Being MVP's own.


  1. I have to have some of these Cadbury ice cream bars soon they look so delicious.

  2. We love Cadbury! That is so cool that they now make Ice cream bars. Thanks for sharing the information.

  3. The royal dark variety looks delicious!! I've never tried these before but I want to badly!

  4. Got to try my first ever Cadbury Ice Cream Bars. Wow! Were they ever good! Thanks for sharing the information.

  5. OMG adorable! I love your daughters hat"

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