being MVP: Essentials for New Mama Toolkit #DulcoEasePink

Essentials for New Mama Toolkit #DulcoEasePink

You think that once labor is complete and you are holding your bundle of joy, that all is good right?  It is mostly but no one told me about the gross postpartum bits that I would have to deal with in the coming days.  I've put together my essentials for new mama toolkit below.  These are the biggies that one may overlook while packing oh so adorable coming home baby outfits.     
New Mom Toolkit

I endured the odd mesh panties with boat-like pads with ice-packs.  Although soothing, I would have much preferred having my own big undies with my super thin pads.  A soothing spray is also heavily required because things are just not normal down there for a while and every bit of relief is appreciated.

During my pregnancies, I read that my nipples were getting themselves ready to provide nutritious milk for my baby.  However, what I did not know was that they would become crusty and bits would fall off.  Yes I really said that.  The lanolin is a godsend and while it does not prevent this wacky bodily change, it provides  much needed relief.  It is also definitely handy when and if you plan on breastfeeding.  It's safe for your baby while feeding so slather on!

Along the lines of breastfeeding, good breast pads are a must.  You don't know when and where the spray will go when baby latches off without notice so I love the Lansinoh pads that soak up quite a bit.  I was like a hose turned on high that was pricked on all different sides.  I have gone through probably thousands of these pads so far.

I hate that celebrities can get back to their pre-pregnancy body in a jiffy with their celebrity trainers.  While Hubs technically could be my trainer and get my butt back into shape, it is recommended not to exercise until at least 6 weeks postpartum.  So what to do with that excess flab?  Hubs asked where the second baby was after I pushed Kenzie out.  Geeeee.  Good thing I had my belly bandit.  Bag thing, I was hopeful and bought a size too small.  Second time around I got it right.  This is a miracle worker and I recommend wearing it night and day plus having a second on hand so you can wash your first without sacrificing not having one on at all times (except during the shower).  


On to my last highly recommended essential.  Right before my due date with Kenzie, I got a colon cleanse.  Why?  Because I was afraid of pooping while giving birth.  Everyone talks about it in hushed tones but yes it happens and yes it happened to me... twice. Kinda gross and you would think that after giving birth, your body wouldn't have a hard time going number 2 right?  Wrong.  I gorged on the Surf & Turf offered at the hospital as well as took advantage of the menu options ordering for about 4 people.  I also declined stool softener as well as pain meds for the duration of my stay.  Let's just say I was in pain and backed up for the same period of time.  I think I went number 2 about four days after arriving home and it was not pretty.

I learned from that experience and tried to eat a lot of veggies the second time around as well as accept the pain meds and stool softener.  Guess who went while at the hospital?  Yes I was a happy mama.  Your body needs to heal and adjust so take the help as well as the medications that will make the transition easier.

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