being MVP: The Smart Camera for Photo Frenzy Parents: Samsung Wi-Fi Camera #pixbundle #SocialFabric #cbias #shop

The Smart Camera for Photo Frenzy Parents: Samsung Wi-Fi Camera #pixbundle #SocialFabric #cbias #shop

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. #pixbundle

I am constantly taking photos of the kids and/or products in my daily life. I usually take several photos a day on my iPhone to send to my mother in FL because she demands updated photos everyday - what grandma across the country wouldn't. The only thing is that she complains that most of the photos are blurry - because the kids are in motion or I am just in a hurry to take quick photos just for the sake of sending. My pics with my DLSR camera are rarely uploaded for emailing purposes to my mother because it is time consuming and I would rather just print out a book every couple of months (or on occasions) and send it to her. I really needed a quality compact system camera that could handle low light photography (those middle of the night photos of my kiddos when just born are all blurry!) for impromptu photo session of my kids to send to my mother.

I was excited to try the Samsung WB800F from Sam's Club because of its WiFi capabilities and photo quality. The store that carried this camera was on the way home from work (I checked it out online and did a store search for pickup) so I dropped by to check it out. I easily found this camera on the display and grabbed the slip to take to checkout. Check out my shopping experience photo gallery :) 

I was excited to rush home and open the box. It was relatively simple to place the battery and SD card into the camera as well as attach the carrying strap. I then plugged it in to charge to be ready for use in the morning.  

This compact system camera works like the average digital camera in that you adjust the dial to point and shoot. However, after shooting the most fabulous photos of your kids, the magic appears. This unique wireless camera has a dial named Wi-Fi. Select MobileLink then download the Samsung SMART CAMERA app on your iPhone.  

After downloading has completed, select the WiFi network from your phone's settings that matches the one on the camera. This Samsung smart camera will automatically connect to your smartphone after you open your new app! You select the photos on the camera that you want transferred to your smartphone and click share. Voila - the photos appear magically onto your phone and you can share via email, social media, etc.  

(So Easy to Use that my Mother in Law took this photo after I played tennis)

What you can do over WiFi with the Samsung WB800F

After using the MobileLink with my iPhone, guess who went back to Sam's Club the next day for more shopping and upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy 4? The photo transfer is even simpler now! I just downloaded the same app but now I just need to open the app and "bump" my phone to the direct link on the camera and the photos start transferring. Easy, Breezy, Samsung products rock!

(Oil Painting Photo Filter - just like a piece of art!)
You can also have Auto Backup to transfer photos and videos to a computer wirelessly, send photos to an email wirelessly (just type in the receiver's email, select photos and send), directly upload to social media (I am excited about facebook because I am constantly sharing photos) and even using your smart phone as a remote shutter release - definitely cool because I am rarely in photos with the kids and would like to start.

(Vignetting Photo Filter with Giant Bunny)

I always keep this compact camera in my bag so it's on hand for use at any time. The resolution is great (16.3 megapixel) and I don't have to wait for it to focus to start shooting. I absolutely love the touch screen feature on the LCD display. There are some awesome photo filters that are fun to play with. This summer is going to be filled with days at the beach, birthday parties, trips to amusements parks and hopefully a vacation to Maui. Our memories will definitely be captured with this amazing Samsung camera. Until then, I am snapping photos everyday of the kiddos for grandma's eyes.

(Amazed at the quality)

Buy It: You can purchase the Samsung WB800F Bundle (Camera, 8 GB SD card, case) for $249.88 online at Sam's Club or in stores.

Make sure to connect with Samsung on Facebook and Twitter!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. All thoughts and experiences are my own. #pixbundle #cbias


  1. Looks like a fun camera! Touch screen? How cool!

  2. What a fabulous camera!! Have fun taking and sharing pics of your kiddo. Great post!!

  3. I LOVE the touch screen feature of that camera. I have the NX1100 and one of the very few things I don't like is that it's not touch screen. The oil painting feature is fun! I wonder if you could get it printed out and frame it for the wall?

  4. Awesome photos! The camera is very impressive. Thanks for the information. Guess I will be saving my money up for one of these.

  5. I want one, this is such a great camera and the price is not too bad. I have a Sams Club Membership too!

  6. IT looks like a fabulous camera with lots of great features.

  7. What a neat camera! I love the wifi feature!

  8. I just bought a camera with wi-fi and it's totally awesome! This one has some great features!

  9. I love the ability to transfer directly to my phone. So cool!

  10. I think the wi-fi feature is really neat! I am in desperate need of a camera and I will most def be checking to see if it is on display at Sam's when we go today! Thanks for this review it helps a lot.

  11. love that you can transfer the photos wirelessly

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  12. This is awesome. I need something like this as my camera is about seven years old, and I'm terrible about downloading the million pictures I take. And half the time I loose the memory card anyway.


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