being MVP: Rad Kids with Boon Sippy Cups

Rad Kids with Boon Sippy Cups

We received some Boon sippy cups for review and in sum, they are RAD.  From the name to the design, these cups just scream cool kid.  Boon is all about combining innovation with affordability.  The Stout, Modster and Sip were all well received by Kenzie and Mason.   

What's really neat about these Boon sippy cups is that the rubber valve is interchangeable as are the handles and lids.  No more trying to match up which valve piece(s) go with what cup.  I can't tell you the countless times Hubs put the wrong valve and straw parts in the wrong cups two years ago.  The Sip is designed for tots 6+ months who are beginning to drink with the short and the tall is for more immediate drinkers.  Since we received the tall, Kenzie decided to snatch it from Mason and fell in love.  It was easy for her to get the liquid out even with the valve in (it is also removable to allow for free flow).    

Mason got his boon on with the short Modster.  It looks like a little monster with a tail as Kenzie exclaimed (the monster sippy cup).  The spout is a bit soft yet firm so Mason likes to chew on it (his top teeth are coming in).  He had his first sips of water with his Modster!  I could see his mouth wet so while he is still learning how to use a spout, he will soon be a pro because of the ease of Boon's cup.  I love the wide cap on this because it keeps Mason's drink free of yuck when toted around.

I really like the Stout.  It is perfect for toddlers because it looks like a cup with a wide base yet utilizes the valve system for those not quite spillproof... like Kenzie.  You can even use it as a regular cup when you remove the lid.  Perhaps when Kenzie is 10 years old haha.  

These Boon sippy cups are easy to clean and when we take them out, people comment on how cool they are.  They are also all BPA free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.  What more can you ask for?
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Modster Sippy Cup

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  1. i havnt seen these yet! loving that everything is interchangeable

  2. I love the colors and the fact you don't have to hunt all over the kitchen trying to find the right rubber valve. With eight little granddaughters there are always spills. This would be so nice. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the designs on these and they are super cute.I'm with ya on removing that lid. My grandson is almost 6 and I'd prefer a lid or guaranteed spills without it.

  4. These are so cute! Love that the valves are interchangeable... just like you, we've had a few mishaps with the wrong valve in the wrong sippy cup resulting in milk/water/etc. all over. Even better, these are perfect for families with kids of different ages!

  5. I love that they are all BPA free and safe for my grandsons to use! They look really easy to hold and my grandsons would love the bright colors!

  6. The fact that they are all BPA free makes them perfect. I love the shapes of them as well. My daughter would love these as well for her boys.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  7. I love how the Modster sippy cup looks like a creature! And awesome color selection!

  8. cute design... would love that for my daughter

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com


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