being MVP: Crossing One Hurdle at a Time: American Cancer Society Sponsored Video #FinishtheFight #ad

Crossing One Hurdle at a Time: American Cancer Society Sponsored Video #FinishtheFight #ad

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the American Cancer Society.

So last year, I wrote about my mother's doctor visit wherein they found cysts/tumors.  Since that time, she has undergone a hysterectomy and does not have to endure radiation.  During the entire process, I was in shambles and worrying from across the country.  With two littles and a full-time job with minimal vacation hours, it is difficult to just drop everything and jaunt to FL like I used to.  Good thing I have unlimited cell phone minutes with my mother and her husband.  Bad thing, her husband does not know details nor does he really inquire.  She is cancer free (that I know of) but is dealing with the aftermaths of the surgery - lack of energy, sudden aging (I think this is , pain in the cut/stitched area and other related complications.    

As my mother's birthday is coming up in a few weeks - the big 60 - I look toward the efforts of the American Cancer Society who is the world's leader in the fight to end this disease.  They will turn 100 years old on May 22, 2013 - Happy Birthday!

The American Cancer Society has contributed to a 20% decline in cancer death rates in the US since the early 90's, which equates for nearly 1.2 million lives - wow I am impressed.  They have also played a role in nearly every cancer research breakthrough in recent history.  When I was a child, I imagined going into the medical field to do something awesome such as finding the cure for cancer.  Sadly, my career path did not lead to that field but I am glad that I can support the American Cancer Society in other ways, especially when people near and dear to me have been affected.  

Another neat fact is that the ACS helped lead to a 50% drop in smoking since the 60's which contributes to a drop in lung cancer death rates.  This is amazing and I am really proud of them.  I detest much so that I used to break cigarettes so that friends wouldn't smoke around me.  I even gave the ultimatum to my husband to quit smoking if he wanted to date me - - guess what he did? 


The video above shows an awesome progression of the works of The American Cancer Society through the years.  I am amazed at the now survival rates and have great hopes for my mother to live a healthy and strong life to see her grandchildren off to college and marriage.  

When my father passed away when I was 6 years old, I only knew that it was due to something with his liver - he went to the hospital one day and ended up staying until he died.  The American Cancer Society is undertaking a historic cancer research study called the Cancer Prevention Study-3 which will help save even more lives.  The society goes above and beyond by making sure those battling cancer have transportation to and from treatment(s) as well as a place to stay.  They also are fighting for everyone to have access to quality healthcare, lifesaving screenings, clean air and more.  The American Cancer Society rocks! 

Let's Make some Noise!!!

This post is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.


  1. The ACS has done so much great work over the years. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that your mother is cancer-free. Cancer touches the lives of almost everyone, and it's great to know that the American Cancer Society is doing so much for survivors and their families. Thanks for sharing this great info.

  3. Wow.. that is so great they have done so much. I really hate smoking and am teaching my children to stay away from it.

  4. Praying for a speedy recovery for your Momma. They really do so much more than most realize.

  5. The American Cancer Society is such a great organization. I personally have had so many family member die of cancer. It is good to know that this organization is making such an impact. I detest smoking too, never even tried one.

  6. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences - I am so glad to hear your mom is cancer free! Happy Birthday ACS!


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