being MVP: Werther's Original Sugar Free: Satisfaction without the Sugar #WerthersSugarFree

Werther's Original Sugar Free: Satisfaction without the Sugar #WerthersSugarFree

I was excited to try the new Werther's Original Sugar Free Candy because we consume a lot of candy, at home and at work.  When I walk into work, I am greeted by a huge bowl of Werther's (all different varieties but I've only tried the original and chewy) and since I know many are diabetics in the office, I was curious to see if there was any difference in taste between the original and sugar free.  

Since I am the (un)official office candy bowl stocker and even have a jar at my desk, I know how much traffic comes throughout the day.  People just love to consume candy whether it is 9 am or 3 pm.  I also have a few pieces when the craving hits.  Would this sugar free version still give me the same smooth caramel flavor that leaves my mouth watering for more?  I have avoided sugar free mainly because there is usually an odd aftertaste.  That is definitely a red flag for me.  However, the Werther's Original Sugar Free candy is made of real butter and fresh cream - yes!  It also has 3g carbs and 8 calories per piece which is 40% fewer calories than the Werther's Original caramels (my favorite).  

The taste test:  opening the little gold wrapper and popping the smooth oval into my mouth and a little "oh" formed.  The flavor was familiar and creamy.  The caramel was present in a bold way without the funky aftertaste.  I was pleasantly surprised that this sugar free version was just as satisfying as the original.  I'm not quite a one piece of candy gal but a handful of these Werther's Original Sugar Free and I am happy during my work day. 

I asked Hubs if he wanted to try some and he replied with "I've already tried all the sugar free flavors and they taste the same as the originals".  Who knew those little gold wrappers he leaves everywhere were from the Werther's Originals Sugar Free candy?  Seriously, they are everywhere!  These delicious caramels come in four flavors: Classic Caramel, Caramel Apple (my favorite), Caramel Coffee (Hubs' favorite) and Caramel Cinnamon.  I'm wondering if my switch will help me lose 10 pounds? :)  

Have you tried the Werther's Original Sugar Free?  Do you have diabetes and have to watch your sugar intake?  How have you satisfied your sweet tooth?  

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  1. Wow this would be so great for my husband, he is diabetic. He loves them and we didn't know they had sugar free.

  2. My mother in law used to always have these in her purse and was always sucking on one! I've never been a big fan of them personally.

  3. My grandmother kept Werthers in her home at all times. I LOVE the caramels, they are the best!

  4. I have tried these before and they are not bad. I have to admit I like the regular Werthers more.

  5. I love these and so glad to see them sugar free.

  6. love these

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  7. I have to try these. I use to eat them as a kid. Now that I am on this fitness journey I am trying to cut out as much sweets as possible


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