being MVP: National Licorice Day with Red Vines

National Licorice Day with Red Vines

National Licorice Day is on Friday, April 12th!

Here are some fun facts about licorice:

1)      More than 30,000 tons of Red Vines® are made each year—or more than 400,000 miles of licorice—enough to wrap around the Earth more than 16 times!

2)      In 2011, U.S. licorice sales topped $359 million, a 6.56 percent increase from the year before. It is part of the non-chocolate candy market, which had total sales of $6.87 billion.

3)      Black licorice is 50 times sweeter than sugar, and derives its botanical name from the Greek words meaning "sweet root."

4)      Celebrities love Red Vines! Ryan Gosling, Snoop Dogg, Joshua Jackson, Jennette McCurdy and Magic Johnson are all fans of the classic licorice brand. Betty White even credits them with keeping her 91 years young.

5)      American Licorice Company has been producing in the San Francisco Bay Area for 33 years, and its Union City, Calif., factory values process before automation: The old press that delivers the dough to the first floor is still there, the second floor cook room has large kettles that fill the dough into the old large spiral ovens before being checked for quality and packaged. It also has production facilities in La Porte, Ind.

Kenzie enjoys the long red vines and I like the natural vines.  The black vines were passed along to Kenzie's uncle :)

What is your favorite licorice? 

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  1. Have you ever tried chocolate licorice? It's strangely good. Probably my favorite licorice, but I do like black licorice. Not so much the red vines.

  2. LOL I think I would pass the black on to her uncle as well. Love the Red though.

  3. ooooo!!! theres a national licorice day!?! i had no idea! i'll take any excuse I can get to eat some extra candy! especially licorice!

  4. Oh how love red is the best!

  5. I actually don't like licorice. I was suprised to see the sales $ amount in the U.S.

  6. I love Red Vines. I didn't know that much licorice was sold in the US.

  7. i actually have never tried it! but now i am tempted!

  8. wow i am surprised by how much is sold in the US!!! it is an alternative to chocolate but i just do not like the taste!

  9. I love Black Licorice. I can't believe it is 50x sweeter than sugar! Wow! No wonder why I love it.

  10. Wow; fun facts, I love red licorice.

  11. love the red ones but they are so addicting

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