being MVP: Simply Right Baby Care Products from Sam's Club #SimplyRightBabyCare

Simply Right Baby Care Products from Sam's Club #SimplyRightBabyCare

Ah diapers and wipes, the necessary evil that empties our pocketbooks.  I seriously have spent probably thousands thus far on them.  I was excited to hear of the SIMPLY RIGHT™ baby care line offered at Sam's Club because it can save me money!  I remember having a Sam's Club membership in college (from my mother) and I just purchased water bottles in bulk.  Oh my how having children has changed where my funds are spent.  They offer sizes 3, 4 and 5 as well as wipes.  As you may know, the cost per diaper rises as the size goes up so since Mason hit size 3 at 3 months, I was ready to put the SIMPLY RIGHT™ diapers to the test.     

These diapers are slim and have a fun safari animal print.  I was already intrigued at this point.  Since the package arrived when I came home from work, I put a diaper on Mason after his bath.  

The have stretchy side panels and waist for a custom fit.  The real test is if it can weather the nighttime pee.  I usually change Mason's diaper once during the night around 4-5 am since he still snacks throughout the night.  The diaper pulled the pee away from Mason's skin and they held up great!  

The thin absorbent core really drew in the wetness and kept Mason clean and dry.   The elasticity on the side tabs accommodates even the chunkiest of thighs and allows for constant movement by Mason.  I can't wait for him to wear these with a tee when he learns to cruise and walk.       

The SIMPLY RIGHT™ wipes are thin yet do not tear easily.  The size allows for maximum wipeage and the soft quilted texture is gentle on even the irritated of bums.  They are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and have a soothing Aloe & Vitamin E formulation for delicate skin.  These are just as effective as other brands I have tried plus they are not too wet - I don't have to let Mason "air out" or blow to get his area dry after wiping before putting on his diaper. 

I love using these wipes for more than just Mason's soiled diapers; they are also perfect for quick hand/face wipes and spillage.  Mason is comfortable and dry and best of all, I have a chunk of savings (~$392/year).  This can definitely go toward his bank account or a fun outing.  

For a FREE sample of SIMPLY RIGHT™ diapers or wipes, visit today!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SIMPLY RIGHT™ Baby Care Products.


  1. I used their diapers before they changed names. I wonder if they are getting from a different distributor now. I was happy with them however price led me to order Luvs from Amazon. I just requested a sample so we will see how they compare! Thanks!

  2. Sounds like an awesome product. You can definitely save from Sam's Club. Thanks for sharing

  3. got the diapers and wipes sample last month and really loved the wipes

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  4. I'd like to try these on my grandson! That's a great savings by switching over to these!

  5. I have never seen this brand before but I'm sure they would be great for saving money. Thankfully my son is out of diapers except at night.

  6. I've never used their diapers, but I am excited to try them. Next time I'm there, I'll grab some up.

  7. never will use them, since they are harmful for kids !


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